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Apr 2, 2008 11:44 AM

Business Lunch - Central Phila - suggestions

Hi everyone,
I'm planning a business lunch for 10 colleagues in Center City, and am looking for a blend of impressive food, good value, and semi-relaxed ambience. I'm considering Fountain / Swann Lounge, Amada, Tinto, and Lacroix, but am open to suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Estia?
    or on a totally different track, Vietnam?

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    1. re: Bigley9

      Barclay Prime. Classy and impressive for a business lunch.

    2. Capital Grille. Really tops for lunch in atmosphere, food and service. You can ask for a small room, or large table in one of the smaller rooms.
      They are very popular, many business lunches there - with good reason.
      Amada and Tinto are great, but I don't see them for a business lunch - but I could be wrong.
      LaCroix has a small room for a private lunch and does a great job; I don't know about price.

      1. Davio's should be on your short list also - excellent service, food and atmosphere

        1. All on your list are good ideas, if you want something a little different from those, perhaps Palace at the Ben?