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Apr 2, 2008 11:40 AM

My first burger at Molly's

It was a long time coming, but finally had a burger at Molly's and happily it lived up to the hype. A great char and a perfect medium rare. The bun was a little weak, but held up to a substantial thick burger. I went for the onion rings as instructed and they were spot on as well.

Only thing missing was a pint of Guiness. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it this time around, but certainly will the next.

I do have a soft spot for Corner Bistro, but Molly's may now hold a slight edge.

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  1. love molly's. next time you go, walk up to the bar first thing and introduce yourself to the gentleman holding court. order a pint. make some new friends.

    1. I had lunch today at Molly's and had the burger, of course. It was cooked as requested, medium rare and came with a slice of perfectly melted chedder and a side of fries. I personally prefer smaller burgers and this one was pretty big but it was tasty having just enough char on the outside. The bun was pitiful, fresh out of the plastic bag and completely forgettable.I got a glass of Bass and it was a pleasant lunch.

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        Stuart - you're right - pitiful is a better word for the bun! But I'll take a great burger/bad bun over the reverse ever day.

      2. I love the burger at Molly's. Next time you go I recommend getting a side of blue cheese dressing for dipping. They make their own and it's amazing!

        1. Glad you had a good burger. I used to love Mollys but the last 2 times I was there I felt like they were slipping. My burger was extremly undercooked once (to the point that it was completly raw in the middle) and the other time it had no flavor at all. Hopefully those were just 2 very off days. I

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            Sorry for the ignorance, but which Molly's are we talking about? There are a few and I wasn't aware any were known for their burgers.

            1. re: mdkane

              This one:

              (It's the only one that shows up in menupages, by the way)

              1. re: Lucia

                Thanks. I actually live around the corner on Lex. Never knew we had a good burger joint in the hood.

                The other Molly's I was think of was Molly Pitcher's on the UES.