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Apr 2, 2008 11:40 AM

Irvine/NB "fake" Chinese food -- where?

Have you ever been to Lucky Chinese off of Brookhurst in Fountain Valley? That is the type of chinese food I'm looking for. I call it "fake" because most people certainly wouldn't consider it authentic. But sometimes, that's all I want. A fast-food type of chinese food that isn't Panda Express, but not something authentic either. I'd consider Sam Woo's to be "too authentic". So you can see where I'm coming from, right?

I know there is one of these places in the complex at Culver and Barranca, but seeing as how I live in Turtle Ridge, I'm looking for something closer to me.

Any thoughts on my fake cheap chinese food? Gawd I miss Cathay Newport. ;)

Thanks for anything. :)

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  1. don't know about Lucky Chinese, but what about Pei Wei over at Bison & MacArthur? I think that's pretty fake chinese, but more like a lower end PF Chang's.

    1. There is Pick Up Stix on Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa.
      Cha for Tea next to Trader Joes on Campus is pretty good.

      Word of warning: do not under any circumstances go to the "chinese" take out place next to Albertsons on the corner of Culver and Campus. That place is horrible.

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        But that place that you are telling them to not go to, sounds like a place that the OP is actually looking for. Cha is not the style of food that the OP is searching for, chinese snack food.

        1. re: haitwun

          There's another place around the corner from Cha for Tea to avoid like ebola. It's called Asian Noodle Cafe. Craptastic panoply of poorly executed "pan-asian" dishes. More like a "pan-demic" of bad eating.

          1. re: haitwun

            That place is called Orietal Kitchen. A friend told me that was some of the oiliest food he's ever had

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. PF Changs is probably the "best fake chinese food." But then again, I don't really like fake chinese food... I like the real stuff. However, PF Changs is such a ripoff. Small portions and sky high prices for food that most fast food places serve... sigh.

              1. Check your local neighborhood mall food court.

                With the exception of the BBQ items hanging at Sam Woo Express, I think Lucky Chinese in FV is pretty much close to the same.