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Apr 2, 2008 11:40 AM

Need Radnor/Wayne Recommendation for 16 ppl.

I need to feed 16-18 people on a Saturday night in May in the Radnor/Wayne area. What I am NOT looking for is a place that insists we be treated as a private function, and requires me to pre-select just a few menu items. I’d like to be able to have everyone order off of the menu.

I value quality (as good as possible) over quantity (read price), but that said, resent a 4+ mark-up on mediocre wines. Indeed, a BYO place would work if they’d have us and meet the food requirements. Any thought?

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  1. I live in the Radnor-Wayne area and 10 minutes from my home is Conshohocken.
    I am responsible for a rehearsal dinner and I think I have found all the requisites you are looking for.
    I have chosen the Fayette Street Grille. I happened to have bought the place out on a Thursday night (the only time one is permitted to do that) but I believe if you talk with the chef-owner that you probably can ask how to go about it on a Saturday night, which is quite a busy time. He offered me the entire menu for my guests. I declined because I wanted to keep it simple.
    I had a dinner there recently to check it out. We all were very pleased indeed.
    Good luck~

    1. Check out 333 Belrose. They have a somewhat separate area that would be well-suited for that size group. Margaret Kuo's also has private dining areas (although I was not happy with our last visit there), as does Pond. I don't have any BYO ideas for you. The best ones are small and unlikely to take a large group on a Saturday.

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        I neglected to state that Fayette Street Grille was a BYO.
        After reading your post, I made a phone call and changed my mind about limiting the full menu he had offered at the same price for everyone. (silly me!)

      2. Thanks for the replys. I have a call in to 333 Belrose. MK's won't appeal to enough people (I've eaten at both the Wayne and Media locations). I will also try Fayette Street Grille.