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fav ballpark food....

OK, so me being from Oakland, CA., I have been to many Oakland A's games and enjoy the occasional hotdog and soda but most parks have nachos, BBQ, pizza, desserts, full bars, and other goodies to enjoy. what are your favorites and which park do you visit the most. Thanks.:)

BTW... IMHO Miller's Meats are the best hotdogs ever... they are the official supplier to the Oakland A's.


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  1. Sox Park in Chicago, before I had kids 30 times a season, now maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I have to have on every visit a grilled Bests Kosher hot dog with grilled onions and mustard. The game isnt the same without one.

    I also love going to Miller Park in Milwaukee, and eat ssome bratwurst.

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      Yes, you are smart to go to Milwaukee, just in general. The first time I went it was before the new stadium, and I was student teaching little urchins in the hood. Anyway, we went to a game, and it was freezing cold. I mean really really cold. And then a kid spit over the balcony and it landed in my hair. One of the grossest things to ever happen in my life. No hot dog that day-it probably would have helped matters. Now I live in St Paul and we are going to Milwaukee for a wedding this weekend. Baseball and bratwurst will be involved-

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        love Milwaukee, a cleaner, smaller Chicago, and Miller Park is really nice.

        Also as a Sox fan I need a National league team to root for, and the Brewers are the closest. We also go to Sobelmans for a burger and bloody mary's before, or after the game.

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          I adored Sobleman's burger's before/after Brewers games when I was a student in Milwaukee. Now I live in Czech Republic and the last klobasa i bit into sprayed the group of hockey hooligans in front of me with a pretty unpleasant mix of, well whatever's in klobasa. A terribly awkward moment ensued. So, I'm thinking of switching to the fried cheese.

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        I am a cubs fan, but I last season I got tickets to the private box at the cell (white sox chicago) for the red sox series. Woo Hoo! In addition to free beer (don't ask) there was also unlimited free food. Including the Bests kosher hotdogs. I eat a lot of dogs, and have made my own on occasion, but these blew everything else out of the water. My last memory before waking up on my friend's floor was eating my fourth dog with relish pouring onto my shirt. I still fantasize about it sometimes, and while I have gotten best's kosher elsewhere they have not been as good.

        And yes, the next two games I went sober and they were just as good.

      3. Wow, what a good question.

        Let's see, I love those french fries with garlic all over them in San Francisco. I loved the fish tacos in San Diego (but that was the old place before the new stadium to which I haven't been). DH adores that crazy sandwhich they make in the new Philadelphia stadium and Boog's bbq in Baltimore. I love that the veggie dogs are included in the $1 dog night at Philly. They were good in DC too (but that was in RFK) and I'm soooooo looking forward to trying all the amazing local places they've recruited for the new Washington park. I loved that you could get beans & rice in Houston at the Astrodome (back in the day, obviously). The only thing worth getting at Shea is the knish (and not on Saturdays). We are looking forward to and expecting vast improvements with the new Shea (especially given its "most diverse county in the country" location, you'd think they'd have decent food!)

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          Could "that crazy sandwich" be The Schmitter?

          Steak, cheese (3 slices), a couple slices of fried salami, tomatoes, and a "special sauce" (thousand island, special sauce always ends up being thousand island, huh?) all on a kaiser roll...

          Sounds pretty loathsome, right? All for the love of the game :)

          go Phils!

          1. re: hveagle

            Yes! That's the name. While, as a Mets fan, I loathe the Phillies, I have to give them credit for one of the best new ballparks around (and I've been to alot of them) as well as for the good selection of microbrews there.

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              damn... that "The Schmitter" sounds pretty good I bet even better after a few cold ones.

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              At Shea, have you had sandwiches from Leo's Latticini (aka Mama's)? The concession is on the third base side (or at least was last year). Good stuff.

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                Yes, and it was a greasy mess, or at least the mozz and veggie was. The amount of oil pouring off that sandwich made the bread completely soggy. I was so disappointed since "Mama's" was supposed to be a big deal. And Aramark can't even get the pizza right! It's such a shame.

            3. Hot italian sausage at Yankee Stadium

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                mike's deli at yankee stadium has no counterpart in baseball. get the special.

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                  YES! Hot sausage...That's what I get pretty much every time. I also like the beef empanadas in the food court on the lowest level way out in left field. My dad got a Cuban sandwich from that same location once and it was good...I think it's a Goya stand within the food court.

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                    i just went to yankee stadium for the first time last week (tigers sweep). i had a spicy sausage thursday night and it was great - with brown mustard, no less.

                    i am from detroit and sadly, we have nothing at comerica park that stands out.

                    last year i saw a yankee game at camden and thought the boog powell bbq was pretty mediocre.

                    i have had better bbq at kaufman stadium in kc and gorman thomas' bbq in milwaukee.

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                      last year I was at PNC park (pirates) for a game and was wandering around trying out the various food options. Pierogis were "meh". I had a sandwich from the primanti vendors vendor which was tasty although I've never been to the real one so I can't compare it. The biggest disappointment came when I noticed a cloud of smoke coming up behind the wall in CF and walked over there to find a BBQ stand (your post made me think of this) which I waited in a very long line for, only to have one of the more disappointing bbq sandwiches i've ever had.

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                        Boog's is by far the best ballpark food around. Most people don't understand that it's a particular style of BBQ called pit beef (totally a Maryland thing.) The beef is charred over a grill, not smoked or roated - charred. You then need to top it off with raw onions and enough horseradish to choke a horse. Ahhh pit beef.

                    2. Rocky Mountain Oysters at Coors Field.

                      Perhaps not my "favorite" but definitely the most interesting ...

                      1. Though we have zero interest in major-league baseball (and even less in the Farmer John edition of Dodger Dogs!), when we were in Nashville we frequently went to Sounds games, and of course always got beer and dogs. The jumbo smoked sausage was always my choice from the regular concession stand, but then they let some local charitable group set up another operation at the south end of the entrance area, and those guys were grilling brats! Of course they were just the Johnsonville ones, no big woop, but eating something on a bun that actually tasted like meat was a wonderful change. Only trouble was, lots of people agreed with me on that, which when coupled with the extra time those things take to cook meant I could spend an entire inning waiting for mine!

                        1. I forgot to mention the strangest thing I've seen at a ballpark. And I don't really know what it is ... so maybe someone else can inform? At the ballpark in Memphis there was a dish that looked like nachos but was dessert. It sort of seemed like nachos topped with ice cream and other things maybe. And people ate with their hands like regular nachos. Does anyone know what this was?

                          And by the way ... Memphis is a great place to catch a game.

                          1. I eschew the fancy new stuff. To me, it has to be a hot dog, preferably with mustard, onions and relish.

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                              me too. Sushi at a ballpark is just wrong.

                              Did you ever stop to contemplate
                              What makes Ball Park franks so great?

                            2. fenway frank! go sox :-)

                              i also love the whole peanuts...only time i get them in the shell and i love it

                              1. Also a huge A's fan and enjoy a stadium dog while at the Coliseum although most of the food there leaves a lot to be desired. We often bring in food from outside for games. The most interesting thing that I have had lately was at the Rangers spring training facitlity in Surprise, AZ. They had crabcake sliders that were really good. Also had some good looking BBQ and what seemed to be some above average salads. Major kudos for their excellent beer selection.

                                1. I love this question...I actually asked it on my blog too last year but didn't get as great of a response as this!

                                  I'm a Cubs/Sox native so I'm going to have to go Best Kosher Hot dog! I mean come on, hot dog and a beer, what could be better with baseball?

                                  I do enjoy the occasional nachos as well.

                                  1. The Gilroy garlic fries at SF AT&T park are outstanding..
                                    Love our fish/shrimp tacos at Petco and the turkey hot dogs too.

                                    1. Minute Maid Park, Houston, Tx. Go Astros!

                                      A Smoky Dog (which I guess is really a spicy sausage) with yellow mustard and lots of sweet relish. Also the bags of in the shell peanuts and an ice cold beer. A ballgame is one of the only times I drink beer, but you have to, dontcha?

                                      1. Go GIANTS (please!).. olden days favorites were Drumstick ice cream, fresh peanuts, hot dogs.. now.. garlic fries and a Sierra Nevada ale.

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                                        1. re: fromagina

                                          Don't forget the sheboygans (sp?)! They go great with garlic fries. Also the cha-cha bowls compliment the Sierra Nevada nicely!

                                        2. I used to go to Expo games in the Big O and for a while one could get the best smoked meat sandwiches and wash it down with Brodeur beer. Proper smoked meat sandwiches are greasy and messy, making them perfect ballpark food.

                                          And I agree about sushi If you are eating sushi at the ballpark something is wrong -- either the game sucks or the game doesn`t matter to you.

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                                            I think I disagree on the various sushi comments. Here where the weather can be 90 degrees (F) and 90% humidity in the summertime, sushi can make the perfect lighter type food.

                                          2. The best thing I ever HAD a ball park was something I "made" at the Reading Phillies. They were one of the few parks I had been to who had fried dough/funnel cakes. The stand was conveniently located next to a soft serve custard stand. I bought myself a fried chunk of goodness and promptly went to the next stand over to have it topped with creamy custard. OMIGOD it was good!

                                            My standard ball park eats would be a pretzel and knish.

                                            1. Fenway Frank at the best ballpark in the league! (that would be Fenway, of course)

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                                                Don't forget "The Sausage Guy" Sausage subs, smothered with Onions and Peppers, located behind The Green Monsta !!!

                                                1. re: Jimbosox04

                                                  Yeah, out of the sausage vendors outside, he's the best

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                                                    sausage guy is definitely the best. i made the mistake of getting a sausage inside the park once and it was a boiled mushy mess. i couldn't even eat it!

                                                    another treat that i just discovered at fenway park is kettle corn. they only sell it by the right field sections across from the guiness stand. perfect combo of salty, sweet, warm and crunchy. $6 for a huge bag (a bargain considering the prices at fenway).

                                                2. For me it has to be a Shishkaberry--chocolate-dipped strawberries on a stick at Safeco Field,

                                                  Go Mariners!!

                                                  1. At Phillies' games, you can get a Tony Luke's roast pork sandwich with the broccoli rabe, sharp provolone and hot peppers. This is an inspired combo of sandwich ingredients - an unheralded cousin to the cheesesteak.

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                                                    1. re: markp

                                                      I'm green with envy reading this. The food at the Blue Jays games is absolutely atrocious.

                                                      Crappy steamed hot dogs, soggy nachos with that gloopy cheese sauce that they actually serve to you in a bag and popcorn are about the extent of the offerings.

                                                      Last year they started serving some smoked meat sandwiches and some stir fried noodles but unfortunately their efforts on these fronts have failed as well.

                                                      1. re: paper_bag_princess

                                                        I've always enjoyed the Italian sausage on a roll you can get on the concourse; the only problem is it's pretty d*mn expensive at $6.50/per. Agree on the hot dogs. We sneak in our own peanuts.

                                                        Funny story from years back (at the old Exhibition Stadium, before they served beer). Five of us, armed with a bottle of vodka, a bag of ice, and some tonic water. As we walk in together, security motions my friend with the bag of ice and tonic over to have a look inside. As my friend opens the bag, the bottom gives way, and the ice cascades all around him on the floor. The rest of us, with precision that would have brought tears to a drill sergeant's eyes, wheeled away - "Who him?" - and marched to our seats. We bought a family size Coke with the little thimble size glasses, and proceeded to set up bar on the bench in front of us. As we toasted each other, two fellows sat down behind us, and said "We'd like one of those", to which we responded with various insults. They then pulled out their badges, confiscated the bottle of vodka, and proceeded to give us $68 tickets each. We were complaining "Why don't you go after the guys in the private boxes?" to which they replied "That's where we're going next". They did move on, and four of us sat there grumbling and whining. After about ten minutes, the fifth member, reaching into his jacket, said "Well, good thing I brought a backup!" as he pulled out another bottle of vodka. Much joviality ensued.

                                                        1. re: paper_bag_princess

                                                          I have always been puzzled to why our Ballpark food is soooo bad!! Another reason not to attend a Jays game!!!

                                                          1. re: callitasicit

                                                            My guess is whoever is doing the FS for them is paying big bucks.
                                                            You'd think they'd at least try to get some decent stuff in there.


                                                      2. I have a few.

                                                        As mentioned above, the brats in Milwaukee are awesome. I haven't been to the new park, only the old one but them with the red sauce were fantatic.

                                                        Boogs BBQ in Baltimore. It's in the centre field concourse and we ate there both nights we went. It was fantastic. That's 15 years ago now so I hope it's still as good.

                                                        Skyline Coney's at the Reds park. We were there last summer and it was my first go 'round with Cinci style coneys and being a cheese lover my eyes were as big as saucers.

                                                        Of course, I live in TO and have to put up with the Skydome food. We used to have McDonalds as the catering company and when they left and someone else took over the food actually went down. It's pathetic.
                                                        That said, step outside and get a sausage off one of the ubiquitous carts. They're outstanding. We would always have one on the way in and then one after the game.

                                                        Not food and not in the park but there was a pink lemonade vendor outside Fenway when we visited there (Again, about 15 years ago) that made the best lemonade.


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                                                        1. re: Davwud

                                                          Some of the vendors outside of Fenway are really pretty sweet. Not sure if the lemonade one is still there or not. The sausages avail outside are definitely better than the ones inside.

                                                          1. re: jgg13

                                                            If I remember correctly, you get off the T and walk across the interstate and on the other side there was a fork in the road. Going left took you behind the monster and going right took you around to where the main gates, box office and such are. Well anyway if you took neither fork (Walked straight) you'd find the guy selling the lemonade.
                                                            We'd have one going in and one going out. If he was still there.


                                                        2. To me, hands down, are the Golroy garlic fries at PacBell. an order of those with a cold Anchor Steam or a Sierra Nevada Pale is pure heaven.

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                                                            Help me understand garlic fries, as I've never encountered them. Minced garlic tossed with fries? Is it cooked? I can;t quite figure it out.

                                                            It's been a few years since I've been to a MLB game, but the best hot dogs I've ever had were Fenway Franks -- with Gulden's spicy brown mustard, hope that is still the standard at Fenway. I had various brats in Milwaukee and Comiskey that were all good. Sitting in the sun on a warm day, any of those options with an ice-cold beer -- even a Bud Light -- tastes about as good as it gets. Amazing how the atmosphere changes the taste of ordinary things.

                                                            1. re: Greg B

                                                              As far as I can tell, the fenway franks haven't changed (and they still have gteh brown mustard at the park, verified tonight ;) ). I do find it better to get them from the guys walking around instead of one of the concession stands - not sure why, they *should* be worse, but they're not.

                                                              1. re: jgg13

                                                                The Fenway Franks changed this year and I actually think they are better than the old ones.

                                                                I'm also a fan of the kettle corn they started serving two seasons ago. They serve it in the stands but the best is when it is fresh and hot from the concession located between the bleachers and first base.

                                                              2. re: Greg B

                                                                at dodger stadium, garlic fries are tossed w/ minced garlic and parsley i think.

                                                                1. re: Emme

                                                                  That's what they are at Safeco Field...fries, parsley, salt, and LOTS of fresh garlic. Mind-blowing amounts of garlic...they run through 600 pounds of it per game, according to Ivar's Restaurants, who makes them at the park. You can smell a plate of garlic fries a section away. Mmmmmmm...I'm getting hungry for some now!

                                                                2. re: Greg B

                                                                  At Pac Bell (or whatever they're calling it this week) the garlic is minced and cooked in butter and chopped parsley is added and then tossed with the fries. I was disappointed to see that the quality has fallen off recently. they used to be phenomenal, but it's been 3 years since I've been to a game there, so can't speak to current quality.

                                                                  1. re: chazzerking

                                                                    I had some on Opening Day and they were greasier than usual if that's even possible. They stayed with me for the next 12 hours and not in a good way! I will stick with the cha-cha bowl this weekend.

                                                              3. not major league...but anyone try the steamed crabs at the park in aberdeen, md?

                                                                1. garlic fries at dodger stadium

                                                                  rainbow sprinkles w/ a little tcby vanilla at dodger stadium

                                                                  crusty pizza at pac bell field level club station

                                                                  1. A "Sausage Guy" sausage outside the park before the game and a fenway frank inside the park during the game.

                                                                    1. Since I've never been a huge sports fan (well, that's an understatement!) - I've got a long history of attending baseball games solely for the social & refreshment opportunities - starting way back when I spent Little League games trying out all the different varieties of candy at the candy shack. Now I go to games at AT&T park in SF, and I have to say, the garlic fries used to be really good but lately have been a greasy, soggy mess...and overpriced. Even more overpriced are the $8 beers to go with them...

                                                                      1. Last Wednesday I was fortunate to be able to attend a ball game in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, in a great small park with night lights installed just two years ago. Matagalpa leads the standings and were champs or runner ups for the last couple of years. Greatest baseball I've seen in years. Beers and a slice of pizza. Seats right behind the plate. Sat with Amanda from the US and Anna from Germany. Anna's first game; Amanda a young but seasoned baseball fan. Back up the hill for a late dinner at La Selva Negra, the coffee farm and hotel resort where we were staying. Great all around.

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                                                                        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                                                                          Wow that sounds terrific! DH and I have done Puerto Rico and Hawaii but not Nicaragua, Venezuela , etc. Your description makes me want to go.

                                                                          1. re: LNG212

                                                                            You must! The owners of La Selva Negra are German Nicaraguans. They produce organic fair trade coffee, make good cheeses; and the restaurant serves good German food. You can hike, ride horses, spot the agoutis now and then.

                                                                            Matagalpa beat one of the league teams from Managua 10-2. Lots of good hitting, great fielding, quick action. Seats very close to the action. Friendly crowd with families. Great cold beers. Even the pizza slice was quite good, and hot!

                                                                        2. Dh buys two hot pretzels, loads it up with mustard and then buys an Italian sausage off the grill vendor and eats it btwn the preztel. I'm more of a Cracker Jack & beer gal.

                                                                          1. i always go to the planet hoagie stand at citizens bank park (phillies) practically no line since its right next to all the cheesesteak vendors - great sandwiches, i'll usually go with the bruscetta chicken cutlet (not your traditional food but very tasty with a few cold beers).

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                                                                            1. re: pie22

                                                                              At Turner Field in Atlanta, they have a hot dog that they call the "Georgia Dog."
                                                                              It is a foot-long hot dog topped with creamy cole slaw and on top of that is Vidalia onion relish. Very good dog, haven't tried much else at the ballpark, cause I got to get that dog.

                                                                            2. I was a vegetarian for about ten years (have recently downgraded to "flexitarian") and for most of that time sadly settled for nachos or a pretzel at Busch Stadium in STL. Since they built the new stadium, however, they have THE BEST veggie burger I've ever had. It's a firm, chewy boca-style (as opposed to grainy or beany gardenburger-style) patty, but it's thick and meaty and has great 'mouth.' We haven't been this year, but I'm dying to have one again.

                                                                              1. I'm a big baseball fan, and I have been to MLB parks all over the country - highlight was Sox and Yankees at Fenway this spring. But when it comes to baseball food, I'm a traditionalist. I start out with a hot dog or maybe some nachos (Minute Maid Park has great nachos!), but the one thing I can't ever pass up is Cracker Jacks. I LOVE them, but baseball games are the only place I ever eat them. Makes them all the more yummy.

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                                                                                1. re: cycloneillini

                                                                                  The best thing I've had was outside of the old Fulton County Statium in Atlanta. They were selling peanuts outside the ballpark, and they were the best peanuts I've ever had. Dodger dogs in the late 80's were really good, as was some Italian sausage at the Big A in Anaheim. I recently went to a Royals game in KC, but did not eat there, instead, before the game we had some very disappointing barbeque at Arthur Bryant's. I live in Houston and go to Minute Maid Park where the food is uniformly bad, even the peanuts are below par. Cycloneillini, I have not had the nachos, what makes them good? Convince me. The 'Dome used to have really good deli sandwiches, hot pastrami, roast beef, and ham. We eat on the way to the game now, that way there's no temptation to eat bad food, and for the same price, you can eat real food. Our latest was fried oysters and poached oysters at Mardi Gras Grill.