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Apr 2, 2008 11:16 AM

ISO of Korean/Asian Caterer in LA

We are planning a 70th birthday day party for my dad and researching
into caterers for an asian style dinner. We are looking at about 120-150
guests and will probaby be hosting the event in either a garden/museum/hall
type of venue. I am aware of the usual recommended catering groups
but looking for one that offers great Korean/Asian food at a decent price..
$30-50PP including setup. Anyone have any good experiences to share. TIA !

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  1. No idea of the price, but my friend commented that she had great Korean food at a wedding catered by Piwon. They're down on Olympic, or maybe Pico, have kind of a cheesy sign with a little boy and girl in trad Korean dress.

    Also, I've noticed on my drive home from work a place called Nakwon Catering. It's on 3rd, I think a couple blocks east of Western. Near a Filipino catering joint too (which you might also want to check out!). No English sign I think.

    1. our very own eat drink & b merry caters. see if he might be up for it! =)