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Need a vegetarian recipe to wow a crowd

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Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. What sort of crowd? Are you looking for a pot-luck dish? Tofu? Pasta? A fancy dinner party?


    1. Back when I could eat mushrooms I used to make a dish consisting of lots of wild and cultivated mushrooms cooked for a long time in butter, red wine and a full-flavoured veg stock; cooked down till just moist - served in a puff-pastry split. Very easy, simple and a rich enough taste to please even meat lovers. All you need is a (garlic) bread and a green salad and maybe a cheese-course to follow.
      You could bake the pastry ahead of time and assemble at the last minute.

      1. Asparagus flan with fontina cheese sauce
        Linguine con porcini
        Eggplant towers with garlic skordalia
        Brie en croute
        Paella vegetariana
        Daal makhani with garlic naan

        1. Gourmet's March issue (I think) had a vegetarian cassulet that looked really delicious and would be easy to serve a crowd, but still be pretty special.

          1. how about a semolina gnocch? Here's a recipe:


            Or a pasta frittata? Which can be served room temp if it needs to sit out a bit.

            1. You might want to check out one of Peter Berkely's vegetarian cookbooks. I've gotten my meat-lovin friends to wow for seitan and fed everyone happily with a savory bread pudding recipe. I think both of those were from Fresh Foods Fast.

              He outlines each recipe, creates a cooking list, and a preparation timeline. I love FFF and the Flexitarian Cookbook. :)

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                If I may gently interject just to help out, it's Peter Berley...I just borrowed The Flexitarian Table from the library...awesome! Tried the Roasted Chickpeas with Lemon last night, really lovely! (he seems to do a lot with lemon which I REALLY love, this being a low-sodium household!) Next up is the tofu with lemon and soy sauce....

              2. IF your group will eat cheese....check this one out

                Artichoke and Mushroom Lasagna

                I have made this time and time again to rave reviews...and i have mostly served it to non-veggies. It is most definitly NOT low fat though, but it is sooooo good.

                1. I just made a vegetarian paella from Bon Appetit cookbook - Spring Vegetable Paella. I enhanced it with a can of artichoke hearts, some asparagus and also used tomatoes for presentation as in this link that Adrienne sent me. My client will report back tomorrow and let me know, but they could hardly wait to put it all together.


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                    I made a vegetable lasagna the other day and served to a group of meat lovers as well as veggie lovers and people were wowed. I used egg plant portabello's zuccini,red bells the secret is I brushed all the veggies with evoo and kosher salt and roasted them before I layered the dish. I used ricotta and I mixed it with a lot of pesto then I also used grated mozz. and of course marinara it was really rich and people were begging me for the recipe.