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Apr 2, 2008 11:04 AM

Best Philly Cheese steak in montreal?

So, I just recently got back from Philly/ south jersey. I experienced a philly cheese steak for the first time. I was curious to know if there's any great quality cheese steaks in montreal?

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  1. More so than comparing pizza to those from Italy, I'm pretty sure that cheese steaks in Montreal would be a very pale imitation of the cholesterol bombs from Philly.

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      Up front I'll say that I've never had a Philly cheese steak nor do I eat beef. ;-) And with that complete lack of expertise, may I just chime in and say that my hubby loves the steak-onion-cheese subs at Manzo Pizzeria in LaSalle. (And I love the pulled chicken-onion-cheese version.) I'm sure it's nothing like an authentic Philly cheese steak, but I keep meaning to find an excuse to put in a good word for the amazing subs at Manzo and there's no time like the present. The things that really "make" it are the homemade crispy-crusted bread, as well as the homemade "dressing" that completes the sub.

      1033 90th Ave, LaSalle
      To see the sub menu, you'll need to click on "cliquer ici pour le menu complet" or save yourself some clicking and just go directly here:

      Very limited delivery area, but totally worth a drive to pick up take-out if you have a craving and a car.

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        well, I'm not talking about it being as good, of course I know they won't be as good. I'm just looking for a quality philly cheese steak... all it's gotta do is beat out Mcdonalds.

      2. I can't think of a place that really makes it Philly style, cheese-sauce and all.

        1. Buffalo Bill is the only place I can think of that makes a Philly Cheesesteak. I ordered it many years ago and thought it was wretched.

          1. Howdy!

            As everyone has been posting, no. But that being said, there are a bunch of places that will do very good to spectacular Steak & Cheese subs. My personal favorite being Momesso's (5562 Upper Lachine Road)

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              At Momesso's they don't put cheese in the steak subs, but I agree their subs are great

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                My bad, it (obviously) has been a while since I've been there...

            2. The original comment has been removed