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Apr 2, 2008 10:52 AM

Best chance of scoring a table

So, I wanna go out to brunch with a group of 8 on saturday...unfortunately the options I am considering don't take reservations...which of these do you think I have the best bet of getting a table with no wait?

Veselka, Clinton Street Baking Company (I know that's probably doubtful but worth asking), Good Enough to Eat, Kitchenette (Tribeca location) or Sarabeth's

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  1. For all those places, you'll have to get there early, which is easier for the downtown locations, since people sleep later there. For Good Enough to Eat and Sarabeth's on the UWS, you will need to get there a few mintues before the doors open.

    HOWEVER, since you are looking at the UWS, you should try The Neptune Room on Amsterdam between 84th and 85th Streets: They take reservations and the food is really good.

    1. What time are you planning on brunch? If you go early (like, right before a place opens), you might have a shot.

      Veselka - There will definitely be a wait. I tried about a month or so ago, party of 2, the line didn't move for 20 minutes. Ugh.
      Sarabeth's - Ditto, unless you try before 10am, not sure which location you're talking about though.
      Clinton Street - Can they even seat 8? The wait starts at like 9:45am.

      Why don't you want to make a reservation somewhere?