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Apr 2, 2008 10:37 AM

Breakfast places with real maple syrup

A good friend of mine is coming into town from the east coast and I'm looking for a great place to take him to breakfast/brunch. However, he insists on only using real maple syrup (not the artificial stuff). Honestly, I usually focus on the food and have never really paid attention to the syrup. BUT, I want to find a great place that has real maple syrup.

Any good suggestions in San Francisco?

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  1. It's always surprising and a bit disappointing when places give you the fake stuff. I'm pretty sure I've had real maple syrup at Canteen and Foreign Cinema.

    At Boogaloo's (which always has a line, but I don't love), there is a real syrup option for an additional charge.

    1. Do a Sienfeld, bring your own. Okay, I think Sears Fine Food has real maple syrup...actually most "quality" places do now. like Dottie's, etc. I agree..going to a decent breakfast and having fake stuff served seems cheesy, esp as prices creep upward.

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        I've been surprised that many places do not, even fancier places where you'd expect it. The OP might be well advised to bring a little bottle of his or her own, like hot sauce lovers.

        To be honest, I used to prefer the fake stuff I grew up eating. I didn't like the real deal until a few years ago when I shaped up my diet; the politics and taste of corn syrup started bothering me.

      2. You can get real maple syrup as an option at Toast (in noe valley). i've been there twice for brunch and really enjoyed it each time. Among other things they had the best hash browns I've ever had.

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          Erm, I'd say you need to try more hash browns. ;) Maybe it's just me, but Toast's are way too greasy (and not in a good way). The nice thing is that you can sub a bowl of fruit for them (for a bit of an upcharge), and Toast consistently has excellent fruit salad. Overall, Toast is solid if not outstanding (then again, I haven't found any breakfast in this town that's outstanding).

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            Where do you go for good hash browns??? We've had a hard time finding them at all in the bay area. We live in Berkeley, but often have breakfast in the city too, so all recs are good.

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              You are in Berkeley. 900 Grayson has good hash browns and real maple syrup

              1. re: wolfe

                Yes, we've been there. Just wondering what other places served them... it seems there aren't many.

              2. re: chemchef

                My favorites are at Elmo's Diner... in Durham, NC. Sorry. Like you, I just haven't found any good ones here.

              3. re: allsouls

                Maybe I found them on a particularly perfect day :) I only had them once there so I'm willing to accept that I was unusually fortunate.

            2. Finally went to SPQR for brunch last week. They serve real maple syrup with their pancetta waffles. I'm not a huge pancake/waffle person, but my dining cohort found them to be delicious.

              1. Ella's on Presideo & Calif.
                Best Pumpkin Pecan pancakes in the world and awesome scrambles.

                Ella's Restaurant
                500 Presidio Ave, San Francisco, CA 94115