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Apr 2, 2008 10:23 AM

Do you "cook" w/your microwave?

Article in today's NYT got me thinking. My microwave takes up a lot of space on my countertop. Am I using it enough to make it worthwhile? Once in a while I thaw in it but that's tricky and requires constant monitoring. I guess we use it a lot to heat up leftovers. I clean my sponges in it.

Do you have any good recipes that require your microwave?

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  1. no, I don't eat leftovers, so not even for reheating items.

    mine is mounted above the stove so it does not waste space, and the only things I use it for is to warm up the babies milk, the clock feature, and I also use the timer function for other cooking.

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      Baby's milk and the microwave are not a good match.
      But for a more humourous reason, here's one dad's perspective:

    2. I use it often to heat up leftovers, defrost meat, melt butter. I often cook in large batches for the purpose of freezing leftovers and use it a lot for that. Just this morning I reheated some crepes that I froze. Can't say I've ever actually "cooked" with it though.

      1. We use ours to reheat leftovers, defrost meat, melt butter and heat milk when I am making a white or cheese sauce. The only "cooking" I do in it is I use it when I make grits.

        1. I agree w/ the veggies, quick baked potatoes too. I cook sausages too to get the fat out before adding them to sauces, soups, stews, and kraut.

          1. I don't think I really "cook" with my microwave, either. The closest I get is when I microwave butter and shallots together to "cook" the shallots in the butter sauce.

            I use it to heat milk or water, melt butter, and warm up canned dog food. I'll also use it to defrost frozen egg noodles, but not so much for meats or fish. I have coworkers who cook eggs in the microwave at work, but I haven't tried it yet.

            We also use ours to reheat leftovers since it's a fairly quick way to do it.

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            1. Most canines prefer their meat slightly above room temperature.
              I take it you don't fox hunt.