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Apr 2, 2008 10:19 AM

The Old Siam in Ann Arbor, Michigan

It's on the corner of Jackson and Maple in West Ann Arbor and it is some of the best Thai I've had yet. It is tucked back into a corner of the ArborLand Mall, and you'd never know it was there (look behind the bookstore).

Dishes to look for:

Talay Thai - Battered shrimp and roughy in a tamarind sauce
Guy Pad Prig Haeng - shrimp + cashews = love
Tod Mun Goong - shrimp cakes

They make a pretty decent caramel flan as well.

- LK

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  1. best Thai in Ann Arbor, oldest Thai restaurant in Michigan, I believe.

    They have great dinner for 2 (or more) options
    great soup
    great app platter with satay, wonderful spring rolls, those marvelous marinated cukes
    decent pad thai

    only thing off about the place is their hours. occasionally, they will close on certain nights, and it seems they take a month off in the summer...

    1. It's decent, but that's Westgate shopping center, not Arborland.

      For dessert you can go over to the Coffee and Chocolate Café (the name is something like that), on Jackson--you take a left from Stadium/Maple, then look on the left after you cross under the freeway.

      1. The best Thai in Ann Arbor is No Thai....either location. Also, Lotus Thai is good, too. You should check both of these places out.

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        1. re: momskitchen

          I dunno, No Thai seemed kinda fast foody to me...

          1. re: momskitchen

            I eat a lot of thai food (I'm from Chicago where there's a ton of great Thai) and I can firmly tell you that No Thai is absolute garbage. And frankly, it's expensive for what you get. $8 for chicken pad thai that is bland as all hell? Please, please, do not call No Thai good thai food. Lotus Thai is mediocre, but better. The best in the area is definitely Tuptim (though it's in Ypsi).

            1. re: saltyassdog

              Actually, I eat a lot of Thai food myself, and I agree - Tuptim is better than anything in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is sorely lacking in the Thai dept. Have you tried Old Siam?

              1. re: saltyassdog

                I can only rate Tuptim as mediocre. A lot of the food I've had there was very bland and/or greasy.

                Possibly I am used to Old Siam after frequenting it for over 15 years, so maybe it's a "comfort" factor that makes me think they are the best in A2.

                1. re: saltyassdog

                  Tuptim is in Pittsfield Township west of Golfside, so mailing address (and school system) is Ann Arbor. I'm guessing that the phone number might be an Ypsilanti exchange. Foodwise, we got some takeout from Tuptim a while back and it was awful. But this experience might be out of range, time-wise, to be valid anymore. Should I try again?

              2. The original comment has been removed