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Apr 2, 2008 09:38 AM

Barry's Steaks - Review

Recently a gentleman was doing some freelance work at my job and we got to talking about cheesesteaks. It turns out he use to cook at D'alessandro's in Roxborough. He told me that D'alessandro's was bought by a Greek family and they fired most of the staff. He also informed me that there is a place called Barry's Steaks right down the street on Leverington Ave owned by, you guessed it, Barry who use to cook for D'alessandro's for over 30 years. I know some of the people on this board are not the biggest proponents of D'allesandro's, but I have always enjoyed their cheesesteaks.
I went there on Saturday night and had a cheesesteak with american cheese, fried onions, and mushrooms. I also got an order of curly fries and a bottle of Barry's own black cherry soda. He uses Amorosa rolls and all of the cheesesteaks were cooked to order. I know a lot of people complain about D'alessandro's and the meat just sitting on the grill ( The same argument is made against Jim's, but that is a whole other issue all together ), but this did not seem to be the case at Barry's. The cheesesteak was really good and I ate the whole thing in my car in a matter of four minutes. The spicy curly fries were very good as well and the black cherry soda really hit the spot.
In closing, if you like D'alessandro's it is definitely worth giving them a try. Apparently they deliver, so if you live in that area it is worth a shot. They do chop their meat, which I prefer, so if you are a more Steve's Prince of Steaks kind of person then this might not be your place.

Barry's Steaks

471 Leverington Ave, Philadelphia 19128
Btwn Mitchell St & Ridge Ave


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  1. Sounds good! Do you know about when D'Alessandro's changed hands?

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    1. re: Buckethead

      I am not sure, but this guy said they had already taken over and this was last week.

    2. I wrote a post a few months back asking "what the #@%%##@@!!!## has happened to D'alessandro's". And to say the least I was raked over the coals! Having been going there for close to forty years I knew something was up. All I have to say is that I no longer feel that I was going nuts. I WILL be going to Barry's as soon as I can.

      Thank you,

      1. I love that you can get bacon on your cheesesteak at Barry's. Totally unnecessary and delicious.

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          Any further reports on Barry's? Just wanted to hear back from anyone else who has tried them....

        2. Barrys makes good chicken cheesesteaks as well - I ordered with roasted hot peppers and they were green bell pepper strips that were roasted, very tasty but not the spice I was lookiing for at the time. I still enjoy the chicken cheesesteaks at D'Alessandro's but thatm ay be cause they are always made fresh.

          1. They make a good chicken cheesesteak as well - I got roaster hot peppers on mine and they came as bell pepper strips which was a little let down but still a good sandwich.