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Apr 2, 2008 09:35 AM

Balt: Lucy's Irish Pub & Parthenon Diner

Looking to see if anyone has been to either of these places......

they are both open late -

so I am thinking about keeping them on my late nite list for the weekend .

should I???

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  1. I've eaten at Lucy's predecessor (Maggie Moore's) a few times for lunch and enjoyed it. It is in an old bank building and the space is really well-done -- a couple side rooms (there's even a table in the old vault), a very nice bar, etc. The Maggie Moore's menu was standard Irish and I'm told that the new Lucy's menu is similar. The food was good.

    I was surprised when I first ate at the Parthenon. I was expecting a solid Greek theme but instead found it is a standard Greek diner -- a HUGE menu with every conceivable thing in the world on it, including a few Greek dishes (Gyros, etc). It's a good addition to the area but nothing to write home about. Think of it as Double T Diner downtown.

    1. parthenon diner is terrible. just awful food. and mostly american stuff on the menu.

      1. Lucy's is still very similar to Maggie Moore's. Mostly the same menu and the same staff. There was a bit of a tiff between business partners and one bought the other out. The "winner" decided to change the name but most everything else remains the same. That at least is my understanding.

        The Parthenon is perfectly average. Honestly, a place would have to TRY to make it worse. It is the very definition of standard fare.

        Of the two, Lucy's is definitely your better bet.

        1. Everything that goes in the Parthenon space eventually fails. The Lighthouse, Park Ave. Cafe...this place will too.

          Lucy's (formerly Maggie Moore's) is a great place. We went there before seeing Camelot at the Hippodrome and loved it! The food was amazing, the buliding is amazing, and to top it off the service was great too. Our waiter was friendly and joking with made for a great experience. We didn't go back after the show, but they were still open and looked like there was a good crowd. I'll go back for sure.

          1. We were at Lucy's (formerly Maggie Moore's) last week and had a great meal and experience. They had just rolled out their new menu and have added many items to the old Maggie Moore's menu. It was not at all standard fare and was quite good and moderately priced. We actually came back for dessert after attending Camelot and there were several cast members present. We had a great time. I recommend it and will definitely go back. As was said earlier, the space is great and loved the staff. Never been to the Parthenon.