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Apr 2, 2008 09:24 AM

Places to eat near the signature theater in Arlington and Center Stage in Baltimore


My son and I are spending a theater weekend in the area, seeing an evening performance of Kiss of the Spider Woman at the Signature Theater in Arlington and a matinee of A Little Night Music at Center Stage in Baltimore. We will be spending the night in Fairfax. Any dinner/lunch suggestions would be great plus Fairfax breakfast ideas.

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  1. Caryle Grand Cafe is the best option in Shirlington Village, for before or after Kiss of the Spider Woman.

    1. Don't know about Baltimore but there's a slew of places near the Signature Theater.Carlyle Grand is probably the most downscale-upscale place, Capitol City Brewery is a decent yuppie style brewpub, the Thai, Indian and Mexican places are decent, good wraps at Aladdin, good sandwiches at Best Buns, even prepared foods at Harris Teeter grocery store. The only places that have been consistently rated "ehhhh" are Extra Virgin (Italian) and the new version of Charlie Chang's (which hasn't really had much press here so far). For a real Taste of Washington, there's Weenie Beanie (chili dogs) just across the creek.

      Other than Carlyle Grand, which is pretty busy, there's no reason to plan much ahead. Just browse when you're hungry.

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        this is sooo old. Extra Virgin Modern Italian Restaurant in Shirlington Village is now rated highly. come and check it out! New Chef Paul Anthony Fario is the best and don't forget it has the best service in the whole of Shirlington Village. Nice venue for entertainment - great bands frequently plays at Extra Virgin.

        Extra Virgin Modern Italian
        4053 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206

      2. We are Signature season ticket holders and frequently head into DC for dinner after weekend matinees. Since you have an evening performance you could consider a pre-theater fixed price meal downtown and likely still make it to Shirlington in time. It's only 10 minutes from DC. Though if you want to eat within walking distance, I second Carlyle Grand. The Thai place in Shirlington village (forget the name) is also excellent.

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          T.H.A.I. of Shirlington. Great pad thai.

          Thai In Shirlington
          4029 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206

        2. I also like Carlyle, but you can't make reservations. They have "Call Ahead" but that's it. Still may be worth a little wait if you want to stay in Shirlington Village.

          Shirlington's problem is there's a huge selection of decent/so so places, but not much that's really standout.

          About 5 min down the road (at Glebe and Pershing in Ballston) is El Paso Cafe, which has really good Mexican/Salvadoran food. It's reasonably priced, family-owned atmosphere, etc.

          1. Aroma Indian in Shirlington is not real upscale, but it has white tablecloths and good indian food. I ate once at Extra Virgin, and it was decent, but not incredible, but that was also on Valentine's Day which is not a good night to judge a restaurant on. Mmmm Carlyle and their bread.