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Apr 2, 2008 09:23 AM

Recommendations in Tucson

Will be entertaining clients in early May. Not looking for high-end, upscale. Something that you can dress casually for and has good food, decent wine list, etc. Open to all types of food.

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  1. Hifalutin' is a reasonable, fun steakhouse on Oracle. I'm not sure about the wine list. Check out for more info..

    I'm a North fan. Some people don't like it because it's part of the FoX Restaurants chain, but Sam Fox is a hands-on owner and I think they do a very nice job. It is a busy place, with lots of energy, and the noise level is high. That said, the patio is nice and there is a private room that looks like it must seat 20-30. (The other thing about Foix Restaurants is that Costco sells 2 $50 gift cards for $79.99; I took three couples to dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday and a $550 check (lots of wine) cost, effectively, $440.)

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        Good choice! Excellent wine, great food and reasonable prices.

      2. Everything in Tucson (not Tuscon) is casual. We would recommend Wildflower and BlueFin (both in Casas Adobe Plaza corner of Ina and Oracle), as well as Bluepoint, North and Firebirds in the Encantada Mall corner of Skyline and Campbell. Also a great Italian Restaurant on La Canada (between Magee and Naranja) called Torinos. A little less pricey would be The Metropolitan Grille located on the east side of Oracle at Magee.


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          We ate at Wildflower last weekend, and frankly found it rather mediocre. The fish special was bland and over cooked, the calamari tasteless. My husband wasn't all that impressed with his chicken entree either. We had a lovely evening thanks to the company and the nice outdoor patio, as well as some good wines. But I would not go back on my own.

          On the other hand, we had two great dinners at Cup Cafe. The scallops were very flavorful and huge, served with a good flat-style crab enchildada. The lamb was also very nice with an assortment of vegetables and a tasty mango gastrique.

        2. If your group is 6 or less, I strongly recommend Tavolino. It has a great atmosphere, and some wonderful authentic Italian food. Particular favorites are their squash ravioli and their penne bolognese. Their specials are usually pretty spectacular, too.

          I second (or third, or fourth... lost count) the Feast recommendation. It's one of Tucson's best casual restaurants.

          I think it's required by union rules to mention Cafe Poca Cosa, and I haven't seen anyone do so yet in this thread, so I'll put that in as one of Tucsons most unique and tasty restaurants.

          I'll also throw out recommendations for Barrio, downtown, and Pastiche, since they're favorites of mine that I often forget to bring up.

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            I would second Pastiche. It's a great restaurant, quite casual and often overlooked. I think it's better than most places listed and you can't beat the value.

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              Okay -- I'll put in a word for Barro too. Excellent bar with great by the glass wines. Very accomodating service. Food is good, although just under top notch. It's one of our two fall back places whenever we are in town for the gem show and tired, as we usually stay at the Congress.

              I'll also second Poca Cosa, although frankly we like little Poca Cosa (only breakfast and lunch, just a locals place) even better. Feast was also excellent the time we were there.

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                Also, if you're looking for grilled meat and fish, I'd recommend Jonathons Cork, on the east side. Another one of Tucsons best often overlooked restaurants.

              2. Casa Vicente downtown. Fun, tapas and good times on the patio.