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Apr 2, 2008 09:11 AM

New Mexico this weekend - HELP!!!!!

Leaving Baltimore to spend a long weekend in New Mexico. Fly into Albuquerque. Staying in Santa Fe, specifically the St. Francis Hotel. Will be spending most of the weekend in Santa Fe, with the exception of Sunday, when we will be in Taos for a hot air balloon ride. Looking for TRUE foodie suggestions - we love food and only want the best!
Need place in Albuquerque for lunch after flight
Need place for lunch and maybe dinner in Taos
Need several suggestions for Santa Fe, including one really upscale dinner location
Also, would like one meal to include true southwestern cuisine, perhaps chili burgers or rellenos.
Thanks Hounds!

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  1. I've been taking notes for my next road trip through the area, so maybe these will help you and/or perhaps spark others to comment (I haven't tried any yet). And I apologize in advance for the lack of detail.

    New Mexico chow stops:

    life changing chile at El Norteno in Las Vegas, New Mexico

    Mary & Tito's Cafe is blocks from I-40 (take 6th St exit, go N one block on 6th to Menaul - restaurant is on W side of 4th just N of Menaul) and is probably where you can get the best carne adovada that's available for sale in a restaurant. Ask for them to hold the cheese.

    Have a great trip, and I look forward to hearing how it tasted!

    1. I had a pretty good meal at Geronimo last time I was in Santa Fe. The appetizer (Foie w/leeks?) and dessert weren't memorable, but the Elk I had for my main was amazing. I think the meat had been marinated in lime juice and was perfectly prepared. One of the better game dishes I've ever had.

      I also had a pretty mediocre lunch at "The Shack".

      We had great taco's in Taos just off the main drag, but I forget the name. Be sure to take the longer of the two drives between Santa Fe & Taos.

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        I think you mean The Shed, which I have always enjoyed. La Choza, mentioned below, is owned by the same people and has similar food.
        Taco place in Taos was probably Antonio's, or maybe Orlando's. Both good.

        1. re: jjones21

          You're right. I thought my meal was really lackluster, but it was a lunch.

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            I also had a solid dinner at Cafe Pasqual's, which I remember thinking was a good value.

      2. In Santa Fe, I have a couple of suggestions for southwestern/new mexican, for NM red or green chile; Horsemen's Haven on Cerillos (southend of town), Castro's on Rodeo , Tommasita's ( I believe on Gudalupe), or La Choza (nestled by intersection of St. Francis & Cerrillos). Haven't been to the under-new management Coyote Cafe but check if the the rooftop Coyote Cantina is open (seasonal). Fun place for appetizers and cocktails, if the weather is good. For green chile cheese burgers, try Bobcat Bite. And if you wish to try Mexican Coastal cuisine, yeah I know we're not even close to a large body of water but it is good, try Mariscos Costa Azul (on Cerrillos). Another good link for restuarant reviews in NM is Gil's Thrilling Website.

        Hope this helps and enjoy NM!

        1. in taos, try orlandos, north of the plaza on the left side of the road. El taoseno is good for breakfasts. The taos inn is good if you want a nice meal but if I were only there for a weekend I'd stick to what we do best, New Mexican.

          In albuquerque, a couple of great places. Sadies down on 4th street is great food and a nice place, a little rustier but great food is Garcias. There are a few locations, all good, but going to the original down on 4th or 12th, i forget which one, is a treat. Kind of sketchy, but fun. If you want to see a scene, go to Frontier Restaurant, next to the university on central. GREAT food served quickly to tons of people. It's hard to explain but it's fun to see. Get their sticky buns...unbelievable.

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          1. re: Cookanddog

            I beg to differ on the Taos Inn, unless you mean the bar. Food is far superior at Joseph's Table.
            Orlando's is closed Sunday (like many smaller places in Taos), so you are out of luck there. You might try a late brunch at the Dragonfly instead.

          2. I love La Boca for tapas. Need Reservations. Call quick!
            Bobcat Bit of course.
            You will be right by Pasquals...get up early and eat breakfast there.

            Search the boards...there have been fairly recent postings. Enjoy.