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Apr 2, 2008 09:01 AM

The Haps On No 9 Park

Any insight on if I should throw down my hard earned money here? I'm thinking about going and trying their tasting menu, but I've read recent reviews that this place is now horrible. Thanks!

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  1. I think No. 9 has the best cocktails in town, incredible service, and very good to excellent food, though it is very expensive, and doesn't have the most beautiful dining rooms. I sure haven't heard anyone call it "horrible". It's not unanimously beloved here ("overpriced" and "not all that" are typical barbs), but I think the balance of reviews are very positive. Where did you read the terrible reviews?

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      I certainly wouldn't call No 9 horrible by any means. I know that it is an excellent restaurant. My own experience there, however, was a big enough disappointment that I am hesitant to return. They had run out of the wine I had ordered - a Trimbach Cuvee Frederich Emile - and instead brought to the table another riesling and no wine list. I was foolish not to ask the price, and not until the check came did I realize that it was more than double what I had originally selected. The food was somewhat inspired, but poorly executed. Scallop tartare was probably a half day too old. The fruits de mer were incongruous and had a tiny and ineffective tarragon aspic rectangle. Our entrees were entirely unseasoned. These are simple mistakes and they happen to all of us, everywhere. I was just the one with the short straw on that day. I will go back, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but I have other places to try first, and spare time is a rarity.

    2. I have held my tongue (until now!) on this board regarding my experience at No. 9 about 2 years ago, but everytime someone mentions the restaurant, I can't help but be reminded of my disappointment.

      Details are a little fuzzy to me now- we went to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Food was excellent as many others have stated, but we had a horrible time with the wait. We did have reservations, but it was a cold, rainy Saturday evening. When we arrived the table was not ready, so we were directed to the bar to wait. Okay. We waited for over an hour- I believe it has an hour and a half. We checked on the status of our table a few times, but were told that people tend to linger at their tables on bad weather nights. I get it. But we were not comped ANYTHING all night. They never checked on us, or gave us updates- we had to keep returning to the host every half hour or so to make sure they had not forgotten us! I had at least 2 glasses of wine at the bar as did my husband, and when finally seated, we ordered the 5 or 7 course tasting menu- can't remember exactly. We spent a lot of money there, and other than the "people linger" explaination, they did not seem to care one bit that we were not seated until 1.5 hrs after our reservation.

      We decided then that we were not going to return again, although the food was very very good. I have since received a gift certificate, so we are returning in a few weeks. Let's hope the weather cooperates......

      1. Thanks all. Citysearch is where the one star reviews came from. It looks like the more recent reviewers haven't been enamored with the restaurant, for one reason or another. It seems like the most common complaints are rude service and average to fair food for the price. Once again thanks for all of your in put!

        1. I've been going to No. 9 for years, so the folks there seem to know us and we always get excellent service. I still think that No 9 has the best mixology (hail John Gertsen) in Boston and a really kick-ass young-Burgundy list.

          That said, I've been a tad disappointed in the food of late. It's still quite good, but I found certain textures and tastes a little off, or a little dull. I can give a couple specific examples if there is interest, but really I just wanted to put in my two cents - No. 9 is still excellent, but the food experience isn't quite where I remember it being a couple years ago.

          1. We went a couple of weeks ago (full disclosure - it was a Monday night) and the service, both food and wine, and the food itself were impeccable. Will absolutely return until they too disappoint me.