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Apr 2, 2008 08:58 AM

Zon's: Good or Stinker?

Zon's in JP has gotten nothing but rave reviews from our friends and neighbors (most of whom also live in JP). We decided to try it one night and had the one of the worst meals either of us had ever eaten. The same friends/neighbors that recommended the place insist that it was an off night and that we should give it another chance. Have you eaten at Zon's recently? Was it good? Rotten?

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  1. I live around the corner from Zon's and therefore desperately WANT to like it. Sadly, however, I find the food and the service pretty subpar. Their lamb burger is great, though. It's the only thing I order there anymore.

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    1. re: pomodori pelati

      we also live around the corner from zon's (hi neighbor!), and like it quite a bit. the turkey burger is the best i've ever had. their various entrees have all been very solid, and we also are quite fond of their mixed drinks. i will say that the first time i went there (several years ago now) i had a pretty bad (overcooked, not at all flavorful) burger. however, on subsequent visits, ordered exactly the same thing and got a phenomenal burger. so they may very well have on and off nights. we've prob. been there half a dozen times or so and, except for that one time, have been consistently pleased with food and service.

      1. re: pomodori pelati

        Wow. My husband and I are very hard to please, but we love Zon's. Sometimes the service isn't great, yes. We don't often stray from the burgers, meatloaf and mac&cheese because you could be disappointed. All of that said, for the price point (a very big motivator in a city that charges New York prices for, let's all admit, not NY quality dining) it's solid. The two of us can dine out with out a lot of fuss for less than $60 with drinks and enjoy our meal. It's not destination dining, but it is a solid neighborhood place in my opinion.

        1. re: bostonbroad

          I live closeby but don't go often. I like it there but have to say that I wasn't thrilled with the mac & cheese even tho it seems to get universal raves. It was kind of dry the nite we got it, and at about $18 not a bargain. Reminds me, I'm due for our excellent cafeteria's side portion at $1.50.

          1. re: Joanie

            When you said $18 for mac I nearly choked, so I looked at their website. It's $13. ($15 with sausage) Big difference!

            1. re: purple bot

              I haven't been in awhile but always thought the burger was one of the best in the city and the service was always pretty good.

              1. re: mats77

                also worth noting is that i think they have recently (as in within the last several months??) revamped their menu somewhat--mostly fiddling with details. i think as a result their burgers are better than ever.

              2. re: purple bot

                Oops, sorry about that. Still wasn't that good that day.

        2. I have had consistently great meals at Zon's over the years....until recently. I went a couple of months ago and had a lousy turkey burger. But I went back again and things had improved. Now you say it was lousy. I'd heard they may have changed kitchen personnel but that was a while ago now. So I don't know what to think....

          1. Sometimes I love Zon's, sometimes I don't. Recently, I don't. Here's an example: a few months ago, they changed their winter vegetarian option from delicious squash-filled raviolis to a bad version of pad thai. Do we really need Zons for pad thai in JP?