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Apr 2, 2008 08:53 AM

Santa Cruz -- A place for food and Final Four

Hi there - SF hound here who is headed down to Santa Cruz on Saturday to see Eddie Vedder at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. I'm looking for a relatively close place, with good food, that will have the Final Four games on TV. My guess is a decent sports bar, brew pub, or pizza place that served pitchers would be most conducive to what my group is looking for. Does anyone know of a place like this? Thanks so much for your help.

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      1. IMO, there's no obvious place downtown. I've never tried to watch sports at Woodstock's, so I can't say much about them, but 99 Bottles might not be your speed because they don't tend to put the sound for the TVs on (although this might not be true during the daytime), their TVs aren't too big (although they might have a big screen upstairs - I'm not positive about that) and their food is rather so-so in my (rather vast, unfortunately) experience. But they're certain to have the games on, and their beer selection is pretty decent, so they're a good backup if nothing else.

        I would give the edge to Rosie McCann's just half a block away from 99. I've had good luck in the past (once or twice) convincing them to put on games in their back room, where they have a big screen TV, and because it's a bit apart from the other sections, they were in the past willing to turn up the volume of the games. I also think their food is clearly better than 99, and their beer selection is almost as good.

        Rosie McCann's Irish Pub & Restaurant
        1220 Pacific Ave.
        Santa Cruz, CA 95060

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Being a UCSB alum, I am well acquanited with Woodstocks and since I'll be there with fellow Gauchos, it might be a good spot to relive some memories. I did research 99 Bottles, on the surface it seems like a pretty good spot too. What is the backroom at Rosie McCanns like? Are there tables and stuff, or is it just a backroom? What about Seabright Brewery? That also looks like it might be a good spot! Thanks for the suggestions!

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            I watched a Red Sox World Series game in the back room at Rosie's last fall. You can order food at the bar and get decent service at the few tables and chairs back there. Good food, good drinks and a nice atmosphere I thought. The kitchen staff kept coming out to check the score :)