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Apr 2, 2008 08:21 AM

Help! Group dinner: nice but not too nice

Hi all,

Due to a last minute change in plans I've been asked to find a new dinner location as part of a meeting I'm planning. I'm hoping you NYC chowhounds can help me as I am flailing. Here are the details:

*Must* be fairly short walking distance or short cab ride from Time Warner Center area/Cols. Circle.

Needs to have a private room that holds at least 60 people (I can call for availability, but if you know they have a private room alreadythat would be great).

Now here's the wrinkle. I need it to be nice and consistent in giving great food and service but not so high end a place that it would appear on anyone's "top 10" list of most expensive restaurants in the city. For example, here are places considered and discarded:
Jean-Georges (private room is too small, also too high end)
Le Bernadin (too high end)
Per Se (private room is booked)
Masa (obviously too expensive, also was told not to book a sushi restaurant)
Cafe Gray (have heard they might be closing)

Can anyone make any suggestions? The change is very last minute, my dinner/meeting is in about a month.

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  1. Try Beacon on West 56th Street: Waldy Malouf is the chef there. I have been there a few times since they opened a while ago and have been very happy with the consistency. Never had a party there, though.

    Good luck!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Update: thanks again everyone. Have talked to Beacon, they have a small group in their private room but are going to see if they can move to another area. Nonna's private room is too small for our group.

      2. did you check out landmarc at twc?

        1. Agree with Landmarc, and will add Blue Ribbon. Those are probably your easiest bets.

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          1. re: kobetobiko

            I've heard multiple reports that Landmarc is not going to be nice enough - not nice enough food or service or atmosphere or what but that's what i've heard from other foodies. I will check out the others, thanks everyone.

          2. Two more to consider: The Modern and Alto. Acc. to their websites, The Modern's private space can accommodate up to 64, and Alto can do up to 80. Don't know if you'd consider them too expensive....