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Apr 2, 2008 07:50 AM

What about DITKA'S?


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  1. The quality of the meat is pretty good, but that is not enough with places like Smith & Wollensky, Capital Grill, and Ruth's Chris in all the medium-to-big cities.( though maybe a a few dollars less expensive...)

    The pork chops are the size of roasts, and because of that tend to get overcooked a bit.

    The place is kind of "The Cheesecake Factory" of steak houses -- BIG portions cooked to some corporate standard. Lunch menu is better value, though still geared toward "hearty" entrees. A regular diet of the stuff ought to earn you a heart bypass discount.

    Coach has been known to hang out in the place when the weather is OK and he is in town -- he does still have connections to Arena Football and many big screens are tuned to that when it is on. A very authentic feeling to the football pictures/souvenirs is the real draw.

    Not so much a "foodie" place as a tourist memory kind of place.

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      It is, however, a great place to watch football on sunday.
      The downstairs bar is always crazy and the upstairs lounge has four big plasmas.