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Apr 2, 2008 07:41 AM

Elias Corner, Astoria

Is Elias Corner in Astoria as good as I hear? How is it at lunchtime? Is there a better but less well-known fish restaurant around there?

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  1. Was great around 1994, since I have had mediocre meals, ridiculous crowrds, and rude service. Simple grilled fish with herbs and lemon shouldn't put you through that. I have not gone back in a long time and won't.

    1. I haven't been in years, but I do like Taverna Cyclades very much. Not a long walk/drive from Elias.

      1. Last time I was there was around 1996 or so - have not been back since, as I discovered Stamatis. Elias only so-so during my last meal there - have heard a lot of downhill posts and stories of them since then as well.

        I have enjoyed Stamatis and the Bohemian Beer hall for lunches and dinner since abandoning Elias.

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          I haven't gone in an extremely long time, but you should try it and let us know! :)

          For fish, I've gone to Demetri's on Broadway- I love it there- and Taverna Kyklades is very good as well-- very busy place though. (SO you should probably avoid it if you don't like noise and crowds..)

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            I'm so over Elias. It used to be good, back in the day. And by that I mean in the 80's, when I was like 8 and would go with my parents. But since then it has become a bit of a "tourist" trap and their prices are just ridiculous. I miss the simplicity of it all. For good fish we now go to Cyclades on Ditmars (although I can't stand the location) and I really like Pelagos on Bell Blvd. They have this one dish that's whole fish wrapped in grape leaves and sea salt and it comes to your table flambeed! yay!

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            Which Stamatis? The one on Broadway or on 23rd St?


          3. Thanks for your replies, everyone! I'll try one of the other places you've mentioned.

            1. I realized I forgot to report back. Went to Kyklades and it was excellent, although I found the service a bit lacking. I highly recommend the sardines and the squid.

              Thanks again, everyone.