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Apr 2, 2008 07:31 AM

utilizing tough boiled schrimp

With no one watching the pot they overcooked .Now what ? Thanks

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  1. Hmm.. maybe grind them up, make a shrimp dip.. I had a Paula Deen recipe for a shrimp mold, just needed to add some Old Bay/Celery seed to give it a bit more kick..

    1. Yeah there really isn't much you could do but grind them up and use in a dip or even a seafood cake.

      1. I would grind them up, perhaps mix with some ground pork/turkey, watercress, etc. and make Chinese-style dumplings.

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        1. re: Miss Needle

          ditto Miss Needle's idea-- or make pork-shrimp wontons, then put them in soup.

        2. Depending on HOW overcooked they are, if you can stomach them enough to chop up add mayo, a tiny bit of celery for a shrimp salad?

          Honestly though, there is not much worse than overcooked fish flesh. Might have to toss them out, give yourself a tsk tsk, and just take the life lesson.

          OOOH! If you saved the water, you can make a stock, grind up the shells, and turn it into a bisque?????

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            1. re: Analisas mom

              Well thanks, next time 1.boil the water 2.throw in 3.shut off heat 4. in ice water or at least remove from burner. Flounder's are in the bays wadda ya think.......................... bait?(sob)