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Apr 2, 2008 06:41 AM

Can one reheat a frittata?

I made a lovely frittata last night but had quite a bit left over. Can it be reheated? If so, what would be the best method -- microwave? toaster oven? I've never reheated eggs before and I'm worried they will become all rubbery and not very good.


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  1. absolutely! just do it very gently [i.e. low power, checking frequently] in the microwave. be sure to cover it to retain the moisture - evaporation is the #1 culprit when it comes to ruining food in the microwave.

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      Thanks! I really didn't want the leftovers to go to waste.

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        A really tasty frittata is also delish cold! My husband makes sandwiches of leftover frittata.. I like to marinate slices of cold frittata in one of my salad dressings and serve it over salad greens. Another treat is fried rice with frittata chopped in at the end (so it doesn't overcook). Can you guess that I have hens and lots of fresh eggs?

        1. re: fromagina

          Thanks for the suggestions. I wouldn't have thought to try it cold. (I'm just coming back to eggs after 10 years of not eating them and so I'm still a bit wary/unsure.) And the idea of adding it to fried rice sounds great.

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            I actually prefer them at room temperature, fwiw.

    2. For optimal effect reheat on high heat (400) in the oven. Edges of potatoes or pasta (whichever you used) get all crispy.... Carb nirvana.

      1. Owned a deli where we served them reheated all the time. Need to be wrapped. We used parchment paper and on medium power 50% in a commercial microwave. Came out perfect and were a big seller. Took about 3 minutes.

        1. All my relatives (all Italian) served frittata at room temperature. I serve them hot because I tend to make them when I'm hungry and want to eat right away. But, leftovers at room temperture are just fine.

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            This was refrigerated overnight. So we nuked it, as was suggested above (lightly covered). It worked out really well. Next time we'll try the reheating in the oven for the crispy edges. That sounded great. I'm not sure, being newly back to eggs, that I could eat them at room temp. I'll have to see ...