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Apr 2, 2008 06:21 AM

Looking for small quantity of chip truck paper supplies

We're having a themed party (drive-in movie) a couple of months from now and I'd really love to buy some of those red plaid paper food trays (1 pound, 2 pound, hot dog sizes) but the wholesalers sell them in quantities of 1,000. Does anyone know a source for buying smaller quantities? I need about 50 of each size. I'm happy to pay for shipping (or pick them up) if someone who buys in larger quantities would be willing to sell to me.

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  1. You could try Tap Phong on Spadina, they have an aisle with lots of random stuff like that...

    1. eBay has what you're looking for. Great theme...

      1. Go to a chip truck and ask them. they may sell you some

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          That would be my first try.

          Cool idea. I'd love to try that.


        2. Hi I am a chip truck owner/operator....You can get those supplies exactly what you are seeking at the Real Canadian Wholesaler in Whitby on Glenhill Road. I believe they come in 100's per package.

          1. There is a store calles SKOR on Logan just south of Gerrard. They have lots of different package stuff on offer. Open to retail customers. Definitely a go to place for smaller quantity packaging stuff. (and don't be spooked, Logan is 2-way below gerrard so you can turn down it) It's on the east side. Looks like a hell's angels clubhouse

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              Wow, I thought that was cash and carry for business only. Will have to check this out. Thanks.