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Apr 2, 2008 06:05 AM

Chorizo - Asheville

We had dinner there recently....
Good points... good beer and margarita selection. loved my mojito. Very fresh tableside guac and chips.
not so great....wahoo empanadas - bland and boring without any sort of sauce but instead...more guac. Fried plantains...nicely carmelized but somehow managed to be bland and tasteless again...needed salt and more sauce. The bits w/ sauce were good.
Big plates...a big mess...looks like Salsa all over again. Mounds of beans, sweet potatoes, salsa...all just heaped on a plate in a staggering mess. Some good, some not so great. Jalapeno peppers grilled w/ the seeds still in...come on!

Taste-wise it had elements of Limones and Tomato but I think both of these are better and Tomato certainly has Chorizo beat in terms of price and presentation! Presentation is all Salsa.

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  1. We had lunch there recently and I totally agree. The food was all very bland. I was really surprised.

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      I hear the "trick" is to eat there when you see Hector in the kitchen and that wasn't the case on this night. I would rather add salt than find things too salty but I wasn't that impressed.

    2. We actually had a fantastic dinner there a few weeks ago. Hector was cooking. Amazing crispy squid and a wonderful chile rellano crusted with pumpkin seeds with pickled squash. Everything was really spot on and clean (in presentation and flavor).

      p.s.- I'll take my jalapeƱo with the seeds in any day!

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        My general experience has been that dinner is much better than lunch at Chorizo. Lunch strikes me as Salsa-gone-bland. That calamari is superb!

      2. I've had several excellent lunches at Chorizo. Try the crepes, which are really quesidillas made from a crepe-type batter and stuffed with all kinds of yummy stuff. I did once get the vegetarian crepe, though, which was full of huge slices of carrots and fairly bland. I'm a guacamole snob and, though I love tableside guac, I thought theirs had too much lime, which smothered the other flavors. Yes, Hector has been in the kitchen every time I've been there, which may be why I enjoyed most of my meals there. Try the mole!