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Apr 2, 2008 04:17 AM

Birmingham Barbeque

For those who know:

Opinion on top three barbeque joints for following categories:

1) Ribs
2) Chopped pork
3) Brisket


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  1. I'm not much of a rib lover nor a brisket eater so I'll defer to others there. I've had brisket exactly once at Costa's. It had a good flavor with a nice smoke ring, but I can't compare it to anyplace else. But for chopped pork (I prefer a good mix of inside and outside brown), my fav is Bob Sykes in Bessemer. Moist, smokey flavor with good "char".

      1. Golden Rule has been dismissed quite a bit on the Boards but...Here's the secret. Ask for the pork BBQ PULLED. They don't advertise it because it takes more time....but they will do it. Heaven.