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Birmingham Barbeque

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For those who know:

Opinion on top three barbeque joints for following categories:

1) Ribs
2) Chopped pork
3) Brisket


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  1. I'm not much of a rib lover nor a brisket eater so I'll defer to others there. I've had brisket exactly once at Costa's. It had a good flavor with a nice smoke ring, but I can't compare it to anyplace else. But for chopped pork (I prefer a good mix of inside and outside brown), my fav is Bob Sykes in Bessemer. Moist, smokey flavor with good "char".

    1. Check this recent thread too.


      1. Golden Rule has been dismissed quite a bit on the Boards but...Here's the secret. Ask for the pork BBQ PULLED. They don't advertise it because it takes more time....but they will do it. Heaven.