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Apr 2, 2008 04:17 AM

The Oceanaire or Blue Sea Grill?

I am taking my husband out for his birthday this weekend and wanted to take him to a really nice seafood restaurant in Baltimore. I have narrowed it down to the oceanaire or blue sea grill but can't decide which one. Both seem really nice. I am not a HUGE seafood fan (my husband loves it), but I like Shrimp and Crab. Any suggestions? Are they about the same in quality/price? Thanks!

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  1. IMO, they are both the same in terms of price and quality. Blue Sea is very hip and swanky, whereas Oceanaire is more traditional, old school. It depends on the atmosphere you are seeking.

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      I'm think I'm leaning toward Oceanaire... thanks for the info.

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        1. FWIW,

          I have been to both once during restaurant week.

          I think Oceannaire was really mediocre. The restaurant week menu wasn't slaying me, so I did not even order off it (they were out of bluefish and there's no way I'm paying 30 bucks for someone to cook me flounder that I can get cheaply and do better). They were also out of a lot of fish including standard tuna which I found rather astonishing. Maybe it was restaurant week, but everything I had was mediocre at best. I had a rockfish for my main course and found it poorly executed (very soggy skin, even if it was served with sauce, I am assured that without the sauce it would've been impossible to penetrate without a knife). The fish was also overcooked.

          My experience at Blue Sea Grill was much better. I did get the restaurant week menu, and found every dish solid (not spectacular).

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            Restaurants can not be judged by their RW menu. Oceanaire has a killer happy hour, & a much better wine list.

            1. re: kelarry

              Well, they can if you're comparing the RW experiences at both. She's looking for a birthday dinner, not happy hour.

              1. re: JonParker

                I love a happy hour when it's MY birthday!!

                1. re: kelarry

                  So do I, but he's being taken out by his SO, not a group of friends.

          2. Some replies that were solely about whether or not it's fair to judge a place during Restaurant Week have been split off into a new thread on the Not About Food board. You can find that thread here: