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Apr 2, 2008 03:36 AM

Kravis Center area

We're doing a play next weekend at Kravis and would like some suggestions as to some good grub in the vicinity.
Tex mex
Fish taco's

or I'd be willing to try a good BBQ.

anything bold and tasty suggestions in that field of culinary would be appreciated.


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  1. When I am in West Palm, I like to go here, for Cuban food. It's bold, tasty and not too expensive. They have a good early bird special.
    Don Ramon Restaurant
    7101 South Dixie Highway
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405
    Phone: 561-547-8704

    1. I would go to Rocco's Tacos. It's a new Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant that's on Clematis St, downtown. It's not too far from the Kravis. The food is really good.

      1. Thread hijack in progress:

        Going to see the Neville Bothers at Kravis tomorrow night. I have become bored with Rocco's Tacos and am looking for something new near Clematis. I am definitely not interested in Forte, as it is not my forte (I don't care for club atmospheric chic places).

        I see the Grease Bar has some decent business and wonder if anyone has tried it. I am a no frills type person and only care about the food. Are Pizza Girls or Fire Rock Pizza worthy? Any gems I am missing in the area?

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          I haven't tried grease yet, but heard okay things...not great things. Pizza girls is worthy of trying their slices - big and floppy with just the right amount of grease. Fire Rock is also good, but different style pizza then the NY style Pizza Girls. Firerock is the crispy coal fired you now see EVERYWHERE. Pizza girls is a take out and does slices, although they do have a few two top tables both inside and out, while firerock is sitdown and doesn't do slices (to my knowledge). I would rec both, I guess it just depends on either your preference in pizza style or your time constraints. There really aren't any gems on Clematis, IMO, but Cabana (next to Pizza Girls) is a good tapas restaurant. If you're not in the pizza mood, and are sick of Rocco's, I'd either try Cabana or Grease.

          Let us know what you ended up going with. I'm going to try Grease in the next week and I'll give some feedback once I do.

          1. re: ash0529

            Opted for Grease since I looked at the wrong Cabana menu for WPB location. Grease is part of the Big Time Resto group and has a Rocco's affiliation. Rocco is only an investor, from what I was told by the bartender.

            As the name states, it is strictly bar food......burgers, hot dogs, wings, chili, etc. The most expensive items are mahi mahi sandwich and the reuben which are $12. Classic cheeseburger was probably the second best I have had in SoFla. Better than Duffy's but not quite as good as Brass Ring. It's a big sized burger cooked the way you want it with toasted bun and it was $8.95 with no sides. Onion rings were really good even though they were thin sliced rings but battered perfectly ( I prefer thick cut). With a coke, I bailed out for around $15.23 w/o tip. I would go back if I was in the area and bar food was what I was looking for.

            1. re: freakerdude

              I finally made it to Grease and I have to say, it definitely gives brass ring a run for their money. Burger was big and juicy like brass, but the bun was better, IMO. I just opted for american cheese on the first go to get a real feel for the meat itself. I also got the onion rings, but they should call them straws b/c of how thin and floppy they were. They were good though, just not my preference in style. My dad had the Chi-town burger which had a spicy relish and he added blue cheese to it. He said it was one of the best bugers he's ever had and talked about it for some time after we left, so it must have been good. Next time I'll probably try the sliders and sweet potato fries after seeing them on the table next to ours. Grease is a definite rec if you're looking for a burger. They also have a big craft beer list to choose from if you're into that.

              1. re: ash0529

                I forgot to mention, they also do a burger club similar to the subway club card where you get stamps for each burger you buy. After 5, the sixth is free. Not a bad deal!

                1. re: ash0529

                  I'll be heading to Greaseburger today so any updated advice is welcome. I think I read elsewhere the "PB Illustrated 'A-List" Burger is the one to get.



            2. re: freakerdude

              Not sure if it's still there, but the Ambrosia on Dixie always had a solid pie.