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Apr 2, 2008 01:47 AM

Anyone knows any grass-fed burgers? (moved from Home Cooking)

Hi everyone. I love burgers and a good fat juicy burger is all I need when I am hungry but since I have decided to go on grass-fed I find it difficult to find grass-fed burgers. Can anyone suggest me a good place where I can find grass-fed burgers?. I am really concerned about the issue of grass-fed and that is the reason I am looking for them and they should also have a good taste ….as food without taste is not worth the hunting for it.

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  1. We recently tried mail ordered burgers from La Cense and LOVED them!

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    1. re: MGZ

      I got some of those LaCense burgers too, when they were on special. They are good.

      I do believe Whole Foods will have grass-fed too. If you have a Whole Foods in your area, it's worth a phone call to check. They can special-order items as well.

      1. re: romansperson

        Third this suggestion (LaCense, that is - I rarely if ever shop at WF).

        I am also interested in grass-fed bison - I have not ordered from this company yet but a friend of mine has and thinks they are great. They are vegetarians but once a year or so they order some bison as a treat because they consider it the most ecofriendly of meats.

        1. re: thedoorchick

          i love bison, it's my new favorite. i know you said you rarely shop at WFM, but they do carry excellent frozen bison steaks.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            It's mostly an issue of proximity; the nearest one to my house is farther than I like to drive for groceries.

            I'm becoming spoiled to companies that deliver meat to your door!

          2. re: thedoorchick

            I just discovered a second local farmer who has a small bison herd, but I have loved bison burgers since I had the in a college at a bar that was just around the corner.
            If you can find grass fed beef at a market, buy a chuck roast and grind your own beef. If you do it this way you can eat medium rare burgers, and be sure that you will not get sick.

            I usually use a food processor for this job, but a kitchen aid or a hand grinder will work well.

          3. re: romansperson

            Whole Foods does has grass fed ground meat. However, the last couple of times I got them I bit into pieces of ground bone. Not very appetizing.

            I've also ordered from LaCense when they had their special. It was OK.

          1. Here's one you can try...


            If you don't mind paying $10 per pound.

            1. If you're in a Trader Joe's territory, they carry packaged grass-fed angus (I think) patties, from which I've made some of the best burgers I've ever had. Counting me, I've served'em to only three people so far, but we all loved them, especially on the TJ focaccia buns.