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Apr 2, 2008 12:32 AM

Quiet, good food, East SFV

Hi ... Meeting up with a friend of many decades ago for early Sunday dinner. Haven;t seen each other in 30 years. YIKES!

Anywhere from Burbank to Encino geographic range okay. Quiet booths would be nice; with no rush, and decent food. Lots of catching up to do. Flattering lighting wouldn't hurt either. HAH!

He's from NC, well-travelled, literary type.

Have eliminated La Frite cause he used to take his ex to dinner there and we don't want any memories, but that's the type of place I'm thinking about. CAn anybody vouch for the noise level at Out Take Cafe?

Thought of Delmonico's but thought we might get rushed there. Valley Inn prolly too stodgy.

This is sounding like "Same Time, Next Year" ...

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    1. What about Ca de Sole on Lankershim in North Hollywood? Or Pinot Bistro in Studio City?

      1. You've just described Max in Sherman Oaks. for info.

        1. Max is great, but definitely more expensive and somewhat fussier than Out Take. For a special occasion, I would opt for Max which has excellent cuisine, but for simply catching up in a casual, comfortable, quiet environment w/ an old friend & not spending too much $$ & focusing on your friend rather than the menu, I think Out Take is the way to go...

          1. For breakfast Monday morning, you might try the Du-Par's in Studio City.

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            1. re: sbritchky

              But the OP wants early dinner. Why recommend breakfast?

              Also try Il Tiramisu, or perhaps Gio or Olivia. I like Il Tiramisu best. Ask Peter to set you up.

              Anyone been to Mistral lately?

              1. re: sbritchky

                hee-hee lol sbritchky, and your assumption may be spot on ;-)
                ...they'll have missed the sunday brunch at the Sheraton Universal by one day...but the Sheraton's standard breakfast would be a satisfactory Monday a.m. choice while also being convenient ;-) p.s. I'd vote Max for Sunday evening.

                1. re: Local

                  Ahh, OK, now I get it. Duuuhhhhh.

                  Better breakfast is to be had, though. Ca Del Sole does a buffet. Then again, Aroma is close by, as is Hugo's

                  What about getting it delivered in for breakfast in bed?