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Art Center in Pasadena's Cafeteria

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The Student Dining Room at Art Center College of Design's hillside campus serves great food. Careful driving up, Pasadena cops stand around corners with radar guns . . .

Anyways, I love their quesadillas, and today I was there and got a great Butternut Squash Soup and Tuscan Pesto Portabello Wrap sandwich from the daily soup and daily sandwich special . . . I nominate it as the Best school cafeteria there is in Los Angeles area. It's pretty affordable, the soup is really cheap. I spent $8.25 total, $1.78 for the soup . . . They have a salad bar, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a special menu that changes everyday and week besides the regular menu also. They serve lunch after 11 AM . . .

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  1. Have you already tried Caltech's cafeteria? They have one big one with a variety of food, and a smaller one that has different kinds of Asian food, including Indian. It's pretty good and inexpensive, and the campus is beautiful.

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      No I haven't. Thanks for the recommendation. I did think though that their dining room was by invitation only.

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        The Athenaeum is members / invite only, but the normal dining hall is open (at lunch time only). I'm not sure the food is good enough to warrant a special trip there, though.

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          Well if I am in the area . . . what kind of food does the normal dining hall have?