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Apr 1, 2008 10:44 PM

Craft Vs Providence

I'm taking my friend out for her birthday and we are both foodies. I've never been to either restaurant and want to know which one would be worth the $$$$

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  1. They're both expensive, but I think Craft might be more expensive. It's pretty damn expensive. But two of the two meals I had there were terrific. I looking forward to going back. Craft has a darker, more cutting edge feel to the decor. And a more casual feel.

    Providence is more formal and feels more special. I just took a friend to Providence last week. She's an old friend who had never had an elaborate tasting menu and it...well..changed her life! She told me (today) that she can't stop talking about it. She's now immersed herself in learning more about the culinary arts and is flying up to SF/Berkely just to eat at Chez Panisse.

    Of those two I would recommend Providence.

    Providence specilizes in seafood - and when it's fresh and creative and done right - well, it's pretty special. And they do it fresh and right.

    Craft, on the other hand, is more along the lines of decadent, comfort food with a sophisticated and contemporary touch. And you have to put together your own tasting menu.I don't have a problem with that, but I'd say go to Providence, don't even bother to look at the chef's menu - just order it - there's a smaller one and bigger one - I'd get the bigger one. And it will be one terrific surprise after another. More theater involved with that. And beautifully presented on the plate. (I don't remember that being very special at Craft - but hell, I'm on a damn diet and just writing about both of these places is making my mouth water. Okay, better get another piece of celery) . h

    1. I thought this thread was a philosphical debate about practiced skill versus god given talents . . . Why not try both? Eating at a restaurant is not a zero sum game where if you go to one, the next month you cannot go to the other . . .

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        Because the OP wanted to know which place to take a friend for her birthday.

        I vote Providence.

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          Great gift, two restaurant trips, one even a month after her birthday, shows she really cares . . .

      2. My wife and I just ate at Providence a few weeks ago and we opted for the full tasting and I also got the wine pairing.

        Every plate was a work of art; everything precisely placed, vibrant colors, etc.

        The food was exceptional for the most part; highlights were the tuna, arctic char, grouper, veal tenderloin and the bountiful cheese plate. Two dishes were off IMO; the scallops and the lobster.

        Service and atmosphere are top notch. Haven't been to Craft and I'm not really excited to go based on the menu.

        Other options might be Spago or Sona...

        1. Providence, Providence, Providence!

          1. hi bosanova -

            never been to craft, but again, based on menu, i'd go providence. have had their chef's tasting 2x, dessert tasting 1x, and on another occasion designed our own tasting menu by ordering almost every cold and hot appetizer - in my opinion, hands down one of the best places, for the money. you won't be disappointed.