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Apr 1, 2008 08:47 PM

Want thin crust pizza in Manhattan

Hubbie and me are craving really good thin crust pizza. Can you make any recommendations?

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  1. I have only one destination for thin crust: Angelo's Pizza. There are in two places though. 2nd Ave @ 55th St. and 57th St. bet. 6th & 7th Aves. on the north side of the street. The salads are also wonderful.

    1. Not a pizza joint, but Accademia di Vino (on 3rd Ave. b/t 63rd & 64th) makes very good thin crust pizza. Try the one with robiola, black truffle pate, pecorino tartufo.

      1. I've always liked Lombardis, adrienne's pizzabar, Bleecker Street Pizza, Grandaisy Bakery, and the flatbreads at Olives.

        1. Vezz, Posto & Gruppo are all owned by the same people and have the same extra thin crust pizza. It is awesome.

          1. I love Olives' flatbread escargot pizza. Also, Pazze Notte and La Vinera have good thin crust pizzas, more traditional style.

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              That escargot pizza sounds AMAZING. Officially on the list of places I need to try asap. That's for mentioning it!