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three plateau restos

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Decisions, decisions....I've got a friend coming from out of town and want to try something new myself...am thinking of:

Bistro Bienville
Au cinquieme pèche (recent reviews have been really good)

any votes? want something on the mellower side, and i think all of these would hit the spot...I need a fish option and non-meat entrée, but otherwise open...


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  1. I loved 5e peche, but it's not exactly what I would call "mellow". It was kind of small and cramped and noisy, but the food and the service was outstanding.

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      "the food and the service was outstanding" the words I love to hear...I think I'll deal with cramped and even noisy :-)

      thanks for the feedback..

      1. re: fullabeans

        agree with riboflavinjoe that the food is excellent at 5e peche, also a nice selection of wines by the glass....It is definetely on the loud side given the small space.
        I have not been to Bienville but have great comments from friends and I believe L'Inconnue is the old Brunoise location which I have not tried yet but got a good review in voir....

    2. 5e peche is definitely a great choice! I haven't tried the others.

      Bouchonne on Fairmount & St. Laurent is another good choice if you haven't been yet. Depending on how busy it is, it can be anything from super quiet to boistrous.

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        5e peche it is...I'll send a review next week.