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Apr 1, 2008 07:40 PM

dinner with my sisters

we are big foodies but we also love fun atmosphere (i.e. fun music, good drinks, nice ambience) ..we're trying to avoid big restaurants looking for something little cozy and that's not impossible to get a reservation.. any good suggestions?

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  1. el parador on east 34th, been around for years and great mexican packed on fri nights

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    1. re: marye

      After reading many positive comments on the board about El Parador, we tried it a few months ago. I found the food to be very disappointing; in fact, not any better than the mediocre food we had Mexico Lindo, which is the other Mexican in that area of town.

    2. My sisters and I love doing this! Our faves are Otto, Little Owl, Crispo, Red Cat and the Bar at Etats-Unis.

      1. Beyoglu
        81st and Third

        Great Turkish