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May I wear jeans to Ame?

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Is it ok to wear nice jeans to Ame or is it necessary to dress up more? Thank you.

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  1. I'm sure it's allowed, but appropriate dress is a personal decision. Here's a photo of the dining room..


    1. I'm comfortable in jeans in a lot of places; I wouldn't wear jeans to Ame. That said, I also don't feel its necessary to wear a coat or tie, but a step up from jeans I think is appropriate.

      1. If they look like the jeans in the photo here, no. If the jeans are dark without any abrasion, then they are fine (in fact, much less offensive than a pleated khaki trouser!).

        1. Thank you very much for your help. I will definitely not wear jeans (the ones I have look like picture Husky posted :))

          1. i've never been to ame but i love that you said "may" instead of "can" :).

            1. This is a matter of "what do you feel comfortable wearing?" Remember, this is a hotel restaurant, so they're used to seeing people in a little bit of everything. I ended up at Ame last night with my boyfriend and a friend... completely last minute, and I was wearing jeans and a casual zip-up sweatshirt. It wasn't exactly the attire I would have preferred to have been wearing; however, I was treated very well regardless. If you'd prefer to wear something other than jeans, wear said outfit. If you WANT to wear jeans, well, they certainly won't throw you out.

              1. Levis and the Gap would be nothing without San Francisco. Go spend your dollars in whatever way you feel the most comfortable. Servers are much more concerned in how you are going to tip than in what you are wearing. That pleated khakis comment was quite good!

                1. You can 100% wear jeans to Ame if you dress up the rest of the outfit. You can honestly wear jeans almost anywhere in the city - if you're a guy, with a blazer, if you're a girl, say with heels and a silk top. It's just not that dressy of a city.