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Apr 1, 2008 07:16 PM

Solo Dining in Honolulu

I'll be in Honolulu for a short vacation on my own in a couple of weeks, staying at the Kahala. In the past I've just eaten at the resort - and enjoyed it - but I thought I might be a bit more adventurous this time.

Are there any good restaurants that would be particularly suitable for a solo diner? I'm willing to eat at the bar if the food's outstanding, but I prefer to settle down quietly at a table with a good book. Any suggestions?

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  1. Definitely check out 'town' (in the Kaimuki area, on Waialae Ave, not too far from Kahala). I've heard good things about their breakfast, and I would highly recommend their lunch and dinner. You can find a great write up on maona's blog:

    Also, Olive Tree is a nice Greek option in Kahala; it's usually a bit busy, but it's a casual order-at-the-counter sort of place. The local fish souvlaki is deliciouis.
    Also, right around the corner from Olive Tree is the newly opened Green Door. If you like spicy food, it's a great place to try out Malaysian dishes.

    1. 3660 on the Rise you can eat at the bar or sit at a table; Alan Wong's Chef's Counter is great for a single diner, but I wouldn't recommend sitting at the table for a quiet meal; Pineapple Room; Indigo, if I think of any more, I'll let you know.

      1. town is a good suggestion, would be high on my list, and olive garden would be good too. the only drawback is that they tend to be very busy at "dinner hour" and you might feel uncomfortable enjoying your book with people waiting for a table. Actually that is going to be pretty much the case almost anywhere that is recommended here. Also in Kaimuki is 12th avenue grill, 3660 on the rise, as well as a number of "ethnic" restaurants (chinese, japanese, thai, vietnamese, etc). At Kahala Mall, California Pizza Kitchen and Chili's being are just about it (aside from fast food). Olive Garden is in the next building, as is "the green door".

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          I think Kaimuki Man actually means 'Olive Tree' instead of 'Olive Garden.'

          I forgot to mention in the earlier post that Kona Brew Pub in Hawaii Kai is a nice place to check out. You can try out the sampler (I think you can choose 4-5 beers) to taste and the pizza can be tasty. There's a bar that you can sit at and on Friday's they have really nice live music.

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            yes, i did mean olive tree.... (the power of advertising).

            Kona Pub in Hawaii Kai is nice, as is Blue Water, both on the marina. The Shack is also on the Marina in Hawaii Kai for a more casual atmosphere mostly burgers, salads, and such (Portuguese sausage burger..ummmm)

          2. re: KaimukiMan

            I agree with the K-Man: Town would be a good suggestion but you might be
            better off at lunch at the counter as it gets really noisy at dinner time, I've
            sat at the bar and had coffee/ate and it was very pleasant, it's fun to watch
            them make their specialty cocktails which take quite some doing probably
            what makes them so good! There is also a counter at 12tfh Avenue as well, it
            gets crowded in there as it is not a large restaurant, delicious food!

          3. I love to go to the international marketplace and pick a vendor . Food is good not amazing. But had some really good noodle dishes - i'd walk a few blocks for .