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Apr 1, 2008 07:12 PM


We are going to be in the city on saturday around 6pm for my birthday. Since we are too young for bars/ night clubs, and too old for the kiddie fun stuff, we are at a loss as to know what to do. We don't want to shop- don't know where other teens hang out. We do want to be around an area where teens hang out but just don't know where
( we live in westchester and usually go to shop, etc.)
Is there a restaurant in an area that's cool for us to be in . I saw a drag queen restaurant that I'd love to do but I think we have to drink, and dine on a 3 course meal. Anything like that for us? We're 15 years old.

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  1. Go to Spotlight Live...decent food, chic and trendy atmosphere and fantastic people's a karaoke restaurant!

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      do you think the'll see the "hot guys" that they want to ? they want to meet guys @ 16 years old.How expensive is it? can they get out of there without being hit with a high bill? what time should they go? is it dead during certain hours?
      anything in the village? are there teens hanging out in any particular part of the city- it's been a LONG time since i've hung out and all of the neighborhoods have changed. When i'm out, i'm certainly not noticing if there are teens! She has said that the last few times she came in to the city , it was boring- they are boy crazed and the others she going with just want to get wasted. She's concerned that they'll leave her if she doesn't . She's not qa drinker so we have to keep them busy with something fun so that they're not just looking to get drunk during their boredom.the issue with teens!!!!!

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        I am confused. What place is going to serve teens "to get wasted" without quickly losing their license?
        Although Leahbella's post above sounds good to me, I might also suggest Blue Fin right on Times Square where all the fun & action is. There is a bar there, yes, but they also have small plates and cheese plates to choose from and it's real glitzy with all the lights of Broadway and great for people watching.
        I'd be amazed if they dared serve an under-age drinker.

        1. re: idia

          I think the OP is looking for a fun place they can go w/o drinking even though her friends may want to.

          1. re: idia

            oh. no. I didn't write this understandable. They absolutely are not going to drink at a restaurant. I'm sure that you know that her friends would find a way to bring alcohol with them and take sips before- that's my daughter's fear.?these are not abnormal teens. Quite frankly, my daughter is in the minority for all towns. sorry for the miscommunication. I'll look into Blue Fin. Thanks!

            1. re: idia

              Blue Fin looks great but VERY EXPENSIVE! My husband and I do those prices only occasionally and the girls won't enjoy it as much as we would. Oh well, this is becoming quite an investigation!
              Do you know spotlight that was suggested earlier in this post?

            2. re: yeshana

              It sounds like you want to find them a fun place to have dinner so they don't want to just leave and go drink somewhere else (however teenagers manage to do these things).

              When my sister was a teenager (though a little older than yours, probably 18), she and her friends celebrated a birthday at Buddakan and had a great time, even though they couldn't drink. I think they enjoyed the food, but I know they enjoyed the scene, the people-watching and the attractive waitstaff even more. As far as where they'll be able to find 16 year old boys, that I do not know.

              1. re: erlinflask

                looks great but I called and was told that the bill would be 40-60.00 pp. too much for them. Too bad. We'll keep looking. Do you know about spotlight that the first op recommended?

                1. re: yeshana

                  How many of them are there? I'm not too up on what's hip and cool, but will put my thinking cap on. Haven't heard of that place. And how much can they spend per person.

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    there will be 5 girls , it may grow in numbers today at school. I'll supplement price but I don't want to give her more than 100.00 for 4 girls- i think they'd be able to add 20.00 pp to that so 180.00 for the 4 of them total

                    1. re: yeshana

                      My niece is doing the same thing so my suburban sister asked my help. If they want to do dinner Ruby Foos in Times Square is a good choice. Many of the chic places will do lunch for non-drinkers but not dinner.

                      II will be at a table nearby with an ax to shoo away any unwanted visitors at the table... I recommend you do the same

                      1. re: yeshana

                        How about Artisanal? Fondue sharing is always fun for a group party. Acc. to the website, the "Grande" serves 4-6 for $40. They could start with some apps. I'm not sure I'd consider Artisanal hip, but it is certainly very attractive and lively.


                        Then, they could head to a hip neighborhood for dessert. Two places come to mind: Max Brenner, in the East Village, and Cocoa Bar, on the LES.



            3. hey! so i was having the same issue as you, because i'm turning 18, and i wanted a fun place for all my friends, not just simply a restaurant, but one with an experience. We're too young to hit the clubs, unless we had fake ID's, which not all of us have. I just made a reservation at spotlight live for a birthday on saturday night, but i want to advise you they say that my party needs to leave at 11, as do all younger parties, because it turns into club after 11. But one of the girls at my school , was turning 17, and she just had her party there, and she said that she had the GREATEST TIME!! So basically, my friends and I are going to go to a dessert place after, called Juniors for their famous cheesecake and coffee and stuff! I hope this helps, I totally understand what you're going through!

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              1. re: dani327

                thanks dani,
                they told me that they had to be out of there by 9:30- I think because they are under 18. It is a bit expensive and my daughter is a little bit apprehensive about going to a place that I found. Where do the teen hot boys hang out in the city?So glad to have you on this board!!!

                1. re: yeshana

                  when i was 16, I didn't really know of "hot teen boys" who would be going to the city at all, and even if they did, they would be going to clubs, so that really wouldn't work for you. I know what drag queen restaurant you are talking about, it's called Lips and i was there for a party and i had a really great time. Hopefully after I have my party at spotlight live, I'll update you how it goes, i've heard really good reviews about it so far. Max Brenner is also a fun experience, great desserts, and I've been to Ruby Foo's for a birthday dinner. If you want, you can check out an inexpensive restaurant in times square, and then go to this karaoke place with private rooms, its called Karaoke Duet 35. I was there last week, it was really fun, and im sure your daughters friends would have a great time.