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Apr 1, 2008 06:40 PM

Where to go near Turner Falls/Deerfield


I'll be staying overnight by Turner Falls--maybe Deerfield. I know nothing about this area for food, sadly, and, while I have done a search, haven't come up with anything. I will be with a couple of coworkers/friends. We'll be looking for good drinks and a solid menu (Eastern Standard in the Pioneer Valley???). Any way, something beyond pizza or pho, but not quite high end--we'll be tired!

On the other hand, some folks at this event in Turners Falls are staying in Northampton--which I know has some great places to dine--but that seems a bit far-ish to me--or maybe my geography is off?

Any ideas?



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  1. Ristorante Dipaolo. Had some wonderful, well prepared Italian meals there. It's not fancy, but certainly beyond pizza. Don't know if it's more than you're looking for so here's the web address that includes the menu:

    1. Northampton may seem too far for people staying in Turners, though, to us, it isn't really. I don't know what Eastern Standard is like, having never been there, but if you are going to be spread between Turners, Deerfield, and Northampton, I would recommend someplace in the middle, which would be around Deerfield. Unfortunately, nothing in the middle seems to satisfy your requirements. Blue Heron, which I love very much, might be too upscale for you, though upscale for us, is certainly less upscale than in Boston. Northampton is definitely not far from Deerfield, and does indeed have a number of selections. You might consider Sierra Grille, or the Dirty Truth. Dirty Truth is more of a beer bar, but their food offerings are also pretty tasty.

      1. In neighboring downtown Greenfield, there are two great restaurants that may work for you.
        - Hope & Olive Restaurant (don't know if they have a website) on the corner of Hope Street & Olive Street. Creative American style fare. Excellent food and a very nice atmosphere.
        - The People's Pint Brewpub ( on Federal Street/Route 10.

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        1. re: Valley_Lynn

          Hope & Olive.
          44 Hope Street
          Greenfield MA 01301
          Phone 413 774 3150

          1. re: Jeremy01506

            Had dinner at Hope & Olive with a friend last night and enjoyed it thoroughly! Started with 2 appetizers (eggplant poppers and Ted's Thai mussels) and I ordered a dinner special of spring vegetable lasagna. My friend ordered the smoked salmon pasta from the regular menu. All dishes were really good. I would have loved a bit more sauce on the mussels, but the aromatic lemongrass was really nice. Also, the waitress recommended a crisp but not too dry white that was amazing and of course the name is escaping me complete. It was Italian and delicious.

            Also my friend and I were completely absorbed in conversating and dining for well over 3 hours and not once were we made to feel like we had overstayed our welcome. It was a busy Friday night, however, I didn't notice anyone waiting for tables either, so it seems that the majority of the tables moved quickly.

            i highly recommend the booths though instead of the tables with chairs. The chairs were not really confortable and my lower back was killing me by the time we left (that could have had something to do with the length of time I was sitting there also).

            Anyways, completely enjoyed the food and experience and would recommend it wholeheartedly.

        2. The Rendezvous in Turners Falls has good food and excellent wine and beer lists.

          1. Do not forget The Night Kitchen in Montague...worth the trip
            agree on Hope & Olive, esp. Dipaolo ...the 'vous is making a good name for itself...
            all within 15 min of each other