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Apr 1, 2008 06:31 PM

Lunch in Worcester

My friend has a meeting in Worcester that ends around noon (Monday). We are then heading to Boston to do the touristy thang. Looking for an interesting place in Worcester to get lunch. We are both open minded, but would prefer something moderatly priced but cool/memorable (in a good way). Have about two weeks, so I can give more details to anyone if necessary.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Check the New England board for more Worcester recs.

    For cool/memorable in Worcester, I would go to:
    One Love Cafe - Jamaican. Fabulous food in a funky little laid-back place, super friendly owner/chef, Bob Marley and Elvis through the speakers. Lock your car and park near the door, but on a Monday afternoon it should be fine. On Main Street.

    Da Lat - Vietnamese on Park Ave. Great food, no atmosphere to speak of, but cheap and excellent.

    Coney Island Hot Dogs near Kelley Square. An institution. Funky deco sign with a dripping dog - you can't miss it.

    Wonder Bar - Shrewsbury Street. Fantastic pizza. Also an institution. Some of the wait staff has been there since the '40s. Tons of atmosphere.

    Have fun in our fair city! It's a funky place, but we love it. Zippy comics aren't set here regularly for nothin'.

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      I second Coney Island. It's an institution and like nothing else. Really good dogs and a funky nostalgic art deco enviro

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        Darn, you hit nearly all the suggestions I was gonna make!

        1. re: Eatin in Woostah

          I second the One Love idea if you're not in the hot dog mood. A Jamaican lady cooks your food to order - it's a tiny little spot in a really bad neighborhood, but the restaurant itself is like its own little world when you go inside. BYOB, or if you forget run next door to the liquor store to buy a beer.

        2. Hey Mike, let us know where you end up!