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Apr 1, 2008 06:27 PM

Steak sandwich at Yucca's is off the scale good

The bone in filet at Mastro's? Well, you all know thats good. The Prime pork tenderloin at Joe's in Venice? Perfect pork, soft as butter. But its the steak sandwich at Yucca's that has stirred me to post. Skirt steak, soft, fresh roll, and those jalapenos you can get on the side, cut into slivers and topped on there . . . by yours truly, is the added touch that elevates this torta to another world.

and its $4.

Yucca's truly does deserve the James Beard award hanging from its wall. After Mastro's on Saturday(spot on again) and Joe's on Sunday(exceptional food DESPITE slightly dysfunctional service) I didnt think I would be able to be wowed so quickly. Yucca's rocks.

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  1. Is this Yuca's Hut you are talking about? Just want to make sure there is not some new place with the extra c in it's name.

    1. is this yuca's on hillhurst?

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      1. re: wilafur

        yeah Yucas . . . whoops . . . must have been the steak high . . .

      2. I think I posted about it several months ago, a real SLEEPER! Great !

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        1. re: Burger Boy

          Yeah, along with all the other "sleepers" that have won the James Beard Award ;P

          PS Tuesday (April Fool's day) was Yuca's thirty-second anniversary!

          2056 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

          1. re: maxzook

            Not Yuca's was the sleeper, The Steak Sandwich at a taco & burrito stand was the sleeper. You would not expect it. Homes, I been going there for 32 years! Capice!

              1. re: Burger Boy

                A carne asada torta at a taco & burrito stand is a sleeper? ;>)

                1. re: JAB

                  Carne Asada usually has a marinade of sorts, yes. This is a steak sandwich, straight up, cooked on the same grill as everything else, but just salt and pepper as far as I can tell.

          2. LOVE Yuca's although I can never veer from my usual order of 2 cochinita pibil tacos and two carne asada tacos. Maybe, just maybe, I'll try the torta. Believe it or not, people rave about their burgers as well...

            1. I hate seeing discussions of Yuca's on the Web, because it will only lead to longer lines at that tiny counter.

              Hey, why don't we talk about the Border Grill instead?