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Apr 1, 2008 05:25 PM

Healthy suggestions in Dallas?

Here's my dilemma: I LOVE dining out, but I'm also trying to be health conscious. I've done my research with most of the chain restaurants around Dallas and have found dishes that fit into my diet, but I'm starting to get a little bored eating the same stuff over and over (plus, Dallas has so many wonderful restaurants that it's a shame to constantly be eating at chains). Since it's a bit harder to find nutritional information for non-chain establishments, I was wondering if perhaps anyone else is in the same boat as I am and has found any good restaurants that serve dishes a bit more on the lighter side (bonus points if it won't break the bank, although if the food is worth it, I don't mind paying). I'm currently a big fan of Parigi on Oak Lawn because most of their menu options are light, the portions aren't out of control, and I can eat genuinely GOOD food without feeling like I've blown my diet when I walk out of there. I'd love to hear more suggestions along the same lines!

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  1. Hey...i can definitely relate! I don't know if Blue Mesa is in your rotation already, but if it isn't, they have a "spa" menu that lists the nutritional information of the entrees. It is a small selection, but i love the spa chicken and spinach enchiladas. A lot of flavor and not a lot of calories. I wish i had more ideas, but i also end up eating at chains a lot because they are more likely to publish the nutritional info. I wish i didn't care, but i feel like i have to know how many calories i'm eating!

    1. Well Garland or Arlington is the best places to start. Skip the chains (skip Pho Que Huong too) and venture around the menus of Vietnamese places. Vietnamese is probably the healthiest fare in the metroplex. They use very little meats in their soups (which for me the broth has been great for curing ailments). You won't need nutritional info at a Vietnamese restaurant because they have only a handful of fried items....most are bbq and very few are stir fried. Bun Cha Hanoi (which if you serach this board will come up for the best places) will tantilize every tastbud...sweet, salty, sour, and spicy(if you want). Bahn Mi are the traditional sandwiches which are filled with BBQed meats or pate', then topped with cucumber, cababge & carrot (usually pickled), fresh jalapenos and cilantro on a crusty french bread. Pho the traditional soup is usually a crowd favorite about a fistfull of noodles about 6-8 slices of raw beef (cooks in the boiling broth) with a side plate of mung bean sprouts, thai basil, cilantro/culantro, jalapenos, lime or lemmon wedges. The broth is a blend of star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger floated with scallions. I jsut can't say enough...try it....and I bet you will like the fresh ingredients, how satisfied you are and that you pay pennies!

      Since I read some of your other posts....In your neighbor of work (Maggianos) is Zoom Viet/Thai...ask Tess Nguyen (the owner) about healthy items and she will have something prepared for you. I really like the crispy duck on the lunch specials and I get it very hot and wash it down with a thai iced tea. Not very nutritious probably but after I get out of there..sinuses cleared and it feels like I sweated off about ten pounds. They also have a great lahb salad if you don't like all that spicy! Location is Frankford & Tollway...Albertsons shopping center

      1. Although my 'typical' diet food is salad a lot of the time, I like Snappy Salads off of Forest/Preston. They don't have fried topping that some places like to put on - such as at Greenz.

        Also, if you are able to take your lunch to work, I tend to do the Diet Gourmet thing. This is not your typical frozen lean cuisine/weight watchers thing. These are non-frozen chef prepared meals. Yes, you pay a little more but it is so worth it since it helps supplement eating out at the time. A foodie has gotta do it sometimes, you know! Otherwise if i ate out all the time, i'd be as big as a house!