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Good doughnuts in Utah?

I'm looking for good doughnuts in Utah, around areas of Salt Lake City, Park City, and Ogden. Not Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, but more local favorites or unique places. Any ideas?

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  1. Banbury Cross, at 705 South 700 East, has the best doughnuts that I have sampled in SLC. I have never been to their location, but co-workers bring them into my office fairly often. They're always good. From what I have heard, they bake their daily allotment each morning and then close the shop when everything sells out, so get there early.

    1. Baxter's American (http://www.baxtersamerican.com) have a donut dessert which is meant to be great, although I haven't tried it myself. They come freshly fried with various dipping sauces.


      1. The raised cinnamon roll donuts and the cake donuts at Parson's Bakery in Bountiful are amazing.

        1. Holy Crap I love Donuts!!! There are two places in the valley that you have to try:

          1. My Sugar's Donut Shopp (Terrible name - crazy donuts)

          2126 S 3200 W - Right off the 201 Hwy at the 3200 West Exit.

          You need to get there before 10am, but you'll be rewarded with donuts hot out of the oven. Incredible maple bars and I want to say I read somewhere that they use imported belgium chocolate for their chocolate glazed doughnuts. So good.

          Donut and Deli (Nothing "deli" about it) on 2700 South and State. I think this place used to be a Winchell's (the shape of their sign gives it away), and then maybe a check cashing store at one point, but now they're back to frying up old-fashioned's, and what I think is the best glazed donut in the city.

          There is really no reason to buy another grocery store chain doughnut with these guys around.

          1. No question...you need the donuts at Baxter's in the Gateway. they are the best donuts in town. the restaurant is one of the best in town too but the donuts are a real hilight.

            1. Another vote for Banbury Cross from me. Their crumb donuts and the glazed are to die for. I'm lucky they're often closed or out of donuts by the time I pass them going home from work, as I'd be in big trouble, they're that good. Each donut is about 3 inches high, no kidding.

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions. We made it to Banbury Cross. They were wonderful donuts! I'll have to try all the other suggestions on our next trip.

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                  Banbury Cross are by far the best donuts in SLC.

                2. Beyond Glaze Doughnuts is amazing. New gourmet donuts in Draper, UT. Here also: http://www.beyondglaze.com

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                    Madbrook Donuts in Clearfield is fantastic.


                    The fritters are amazing, and don't even try to eat a large.

                  2. I found this thread in an attempt to recall the name of my favorite donut. And this thread FAILED. My favorite donut in Utah is Dunford Bakery's chocolate donut with chocolate frosting. Eat that with a nice cool glass of milk... So good. You can find them all over in convenience stores, too. Just look for the red and white checkered box of chocolate donuts :D

                    1. My personal favorite is the maple bars from sugar babies doughnuts, they are on Redwood road next to the 201 on the south side, I've had quite a few things from there and have been pleasantly surprised by how delicious all of their doughnuts are!