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Apr 1, 2008 04:27 PM

Intinerary for Half Moon Bay, SF

Hello, I wanted to run a list of restaurants by everyone and ask one question.

We are going to the Santa Rosa area and driving down to Half Moon Bay. Originally, I planned to do a stop over for lunch at Duartes Tavern - but after gmapping it I realized it is further south of the Ritz Carlton. So do you have any suggestions for a place to eat halfway point between Santa Rosa and Half Moon Bay (but not in San Francisco?).

As for the trip, I have the following listed as places to try, please let me know if I am missing something:

Half Moon Bay Area
Tres Amigos
30 Cafe
Barbara's Fishtrap (I know there is mixed feelings regarding this one but we are from the New England area and I want to try California style fish and chips)
Pasta Moon

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  1. Do try to go to Duartes. It is a beautiful drive and the artichoke soup and cream of chile soup with hot sourdough bread worth the trip. I don't know about other chowhounders feel, but if you go across the street, from Barbara's Fishtrap, you may find a pretty good rendition of fish and chips, although a tad greasy--ask for extra napkins-- and the clam chowder is better. Also, down the street is a good italian restaurant, Mezzaluna.

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      Thanks, we will definitely go to Duartes but save that trip for dinner. What is the name of the place across the street from Barbara's? Also I'm looking for a place to take out dinner as we drive from San Francsico Airport to Santa Rosa?

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        Half Moon Bay Brewery, as other posters have mentioned. If you like Chinese, you could pick up some nice Hong Kong style (cantonese) from a number of different chinese restaurants in Millbrae, which is the city right across the freeway from the airport. Otherwise, you could do drive through In-n-out, right at the millbrae ave exit.

    2. For the best California-style fish and chips you might go for Fish in Sausalito. It is a nice mid-point stop along that route. I'm a CT/MA native and one of the few good clam chowders in the area is at Fish ... the red Portuguese chowder is also great.

      Be sure when in Pescadero and Duarte's to stop by Harley Farm for goat cheese and Phipp's Ranch, the bean place up the street.

      IMO, the fish and chips at Half Moon Bay Brewery is better than Barbara's. At any rate stop by HMB brewery for one of their beers and watch the surfing videos of the nearby Mavericks.

      You might consider Flying Fish Grill which has great fish tacos.

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        It's early, but Phipp's Ranch may have strawberries for picking by now.

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          It says end of april for strawberries. $2.50 # +$3.00 entrance fee.

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          I agree that the fish and chips at the HMB Brewery are very good and I am one of those who doesn't see much in Barbara's Fish Trap. At any rate, the Brewery is the restaurant across the street from Barbara's.

        3. We've had the fish and chips at Barbara's, and much prefer the greaseless version at Ketch Joanne's, which is just up the street. They _know_ how to fry fish at Ketch Joanne's.

          1. Depending on what time of day -- there are lots of good places to eat in Marin before you hit SF. If you wait until you're past SF, it depends what route you're taking to HMB -- highway 1 or 280 then cutover at 92.

            Half Moon Bay: Cetrella's is good, but open only for dinner and Sunday brunch.

            Pasta Moon in HMB is excellent and usually has multiple fresh seafood options. Call for reservations just to be safe.

            Mezzaluna the Italian restaurant in Princeton By the Sea is pretty good.

            There are places in Pacifica area but I'm less familiar with them, can't provide any recs.

            Duarte's -- I dunno, went there once, food wasn't great. Not sure if I caught it on an off day or what.