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Apr 1, 2008 03:53 PM

Stoddards Fine Food & Ale

From the Boston Business Journal - Sounds Interesting:

The Ivy Restaurant Group, which operates Ivy in the Ladder District, is close to signing a lease at 48-50 Temple Place, which is located across the street from Ivy.

William Ashmore, director of operations for Ivy, said the group plans to take 3,250 square feet on the gound and below-grade levels to create a new restaurant, Stoddards Fine Food & Ale, named for the former fine cuttlery store that once occupied the building. Ivy would continue to operate.

Ashmore said the new restaurant would seat about 120 and have a full liquor license, with a focus on handcrafted ales. It would have a classic American theme harkening back to the 1900s. The project could cost up to $1 million, said Ashmore, who added that the money would come from small, private sources, tenant incentives and possible grants, which help in restoration of facades, from the city.

Ashmore said his group is working with the current owner on lease negotiations.

Once the lease is signed, Ashmore said opening date would be about Sept. 1, 2008.

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  1. Sounds great to me, thanks for posting.

      1. I'd rather have my knife store back, please.

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        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          I went never went, but it seems like this will be good for Temple Street.

          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            I was shocked when Stoddard's went out of business. I miss it too.

            1. re: Guinness02122

              I recall the old fly fishing shop out back. The guys there were really knowledgeable including Ed and Phil. They were there before Orvis when fly fishing seemed somewhat eccentric...hopefully the new incarnation will pay appropriate homage to one of the finest stores in Boston to close in recent times.

              1. re: ipsofatso

                I'm interested in this new place though. Seems like a lot of brewpubs are popping.

                I use to work in a cutlery store that was very similar to Stoddard's, but Stoddard's was the king. I still have a Spyderco Delica from those days.

          2. I wasn't a huge fan of Stoddard's, unlike some of the others on this post, because of the week long turn around (although maybe that was only for the Chestnut Hill store?). In any case, I work in this area and am so looking forward to this! Thanks for the post!