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Apr 1, 2008 03:49 PM

Anyone tried Mojave in Astoria?

I'm tempted to go, but when I used to work in Greenwich Village and tried out Agave, I was so disappointed by the service. The food was good. I LOVE Southwestern food. But we waited over an hour for it with no apologies. I had to ask for our drinks to be comped, which they agreed to, but they should have offered it themselves. And they brought one little tiny dish of chips and salsa for 6 of us to share (which they never refilled), again after we got up and asked for it during our hour-long wait. So, is Mojave going to be a better experience? Shall I even try? Anyone been there??

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    1. re: helen19

      I think it's on Ditmars and 31st...I just read about it in that Free magazine Dish Du Jour and I was so happy to see Southwestern in Astoria, but when I read that it's the same owners as Agave...I just can't deal with such terrible service...