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Apr 1, 2008 03:15 PM

Kansas City --bbq and funky breakfast

I will be coming to Kansas City in early July, but only for about 2 days. Figuring in 2 dinners, a lunch and 2 breakfasts.

One lunch and one dinner I'd like to try the famed KC bbq. It would be the same day, while the youts are at a concert. At least one breakfast a funky diner kinda place would be great. So- let's hear it- throw out some great bbq places and why should they be the ones to try. I have to say Arthur Bryants SEEMS like one to go to as it is the most famous, but is it?

And then--what are the funky breakfast places. I think we will be staying downtown somewhere, thats not worked out yet.

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  1. For breakfast I highly recommend Jerry's Woodswether Cafe on 9th street in the West Bottoms. If it's a weekend you could try Succotash in the City Market. It can be pretty funky, but maybe not in the way you want! Arthur Bryant's, LC's or Oklahoma Joe's for BBQ.

    1. BBQ:
      Oklahoma Joe's
      Arthur Bryan'ts

      I'm no fan of Jack's Stack. Gates is good but most people on this board don't seem to like ti.

      Poco's on the Boulevard at 31st and Southwest Blvd
      The food is good if not great, but it is funky and a lot of fun every time I go in there.

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        Like most people here, I like to try crazy, off-beat, restaurants. That being said, I thought the food my girlfriend and I had at Poco's was practically inedible. The chile relleno was the worst I've ever tasted. Unless you really like medudo (tripe soup) then I would steer clear of this one. I know it's got some fans, but I just don't see it.

      2. For breakfast you might look into You Say Tomato. or Poco's
        for Lunch try Happy Gillis Cafe (not bbq) but fun and funky and good.
        for BBQ if you haven't been to A Bryants GO. its like nothing else in town and its good enough and famous enough that you should go. I'm partial to LC's BBQ. OK Joe's and Jack Stack seem to get a lot of rave's but i don't know why

        1. For breakfast I recomend Mama's on 39th. When you said funky diner this place came to mind emediatly. Food is awesome, service is fast and friendly and the coffee is always strong and fresh.

          1. Funky diner, I would say Town Topic, Jerry's Woodweather, Cascones or City Diner both in the River Market area.

            BBQ, I would say Bryants, Gates, LC's or Oklahoma Joes. Jack Stack is a bit foo foo for BBQ

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            1. re: WyCo

              Mama's would be good for breakfast too.