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Apr 1, 2008 03:00 PM

Buying spices in the Triangle area

Where are your favorite places to buy quality spices in the Triangle? Does anyone grind on premises? Thanks!

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  1. I usually get them at Whole Foods. As they sell them in bulk, it's so much cheaper. There are the different ethnic shops as well....in Cary...

    1. Whole food bulk spices are a good buy
      Hispanic brand spices are always a good deal, though sometimes not of top quality.
      surprisingly, World market has a good selection of inexpensive a-typical spices

      and finally, the Indian market by Target, Spice Bazzaar, excellent quality cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, coriander and more..

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        I've had great luck with mail order. This place has always had very fresh product.


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          I buy most of my spices for Penzey's (online) and I fill in with bulk spices at Whole Foods. Once or twice I've used The Spice House (online) as well.


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            Thanks for the suggestions. I bought everything at The Spice House when I lived in Chicago... I miss that place!

        2. Don't forget, Weaver Street Market has bulk spices as well. Support the little guy stores/co-ops.

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            can you really sit there and still consider Weaver Street "The Little Guy" anymore? lol

          2. I was quite surprised to find a decent selection of fresh herbs at Pueblo Supermarket last week for super-cheap (for example, thyme was $1.29 for a huge stash).

            They also had tons of dried spices, too.

            (Pueblo is in between the Kanki/ Red Lobster and the WalMart off of Falls of Neuse. It is a WAY interesting little market. Once there were live crabs in the middle of the aisle in a box.)

            1. I usually buy bulk at Weaver Street but for obscure/special I go to Southern Season. Their salt selection is so vast as to be comical.

              They also have many, many spices whole I only see ground elsewhere

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                Weaver St. always surprises me with how fresh their spices are. Even their dried bay leaves have a scent. I get all my spices for European cooking from them...