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Apr 1, 2008 03:00 PM

Buying spices in the Triangle area

Where are your favorite places to buy quality spices in the Triangle? Does anyone grind on premises? Thanks!

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  1. I usually get them at Whole Foods. As they sell them in bulk, it's so much cheaper. There are the different ethnic shops as Cary...

    1. Whole food bulk spices are a good buy
      Hispanic brand spices are always a good deal, though sometimes not of top quality.
      surprisingly, World market has a good selection of inexpensive a-typical spices

      and finally, the Indian market by Target, Spice Bazzaar, excellent quality cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, coriander and more..

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        I've had great luck with mail order. This place has always had very fresh product.

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          I buy most of my spices for Penzey's (online) and I fill in with bulk spices at Whole Foods. Once or twice I've used The Spice House (online) as well.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I bought everything at The Spice House when I lived in Chicago... I miss that place!

        2. Don't forget, Weaver Street Market has bulk spices as well. Support the little guy stores/co-ops.

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            can you really sit there and still consider Weaver Street "The Little Guy" anymore? lol

          2. I was quite surprised to find a decent selection of fresh herbs at Pueblo Supermarket last week for super-cheap (for example, thyme was $1.29 for a huge stash).

            They also had tons of dried spices, too.

            (Pueblo is in between the Kanki/ Red Lobster and the WalMart off of Falls of Neuse. It is a WAY interesting little market. Once there were live crabs in the middle of the aisle in a box.)

            1. I usually buy bulk at Weaver Street but for obscure/special I go to Southern Season. Their salt selection is so vast as to be comical.

              They also have many, many spices whole I only see ground elsewhere

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                Weaver St. always surprises me with how fresh their spices are. Even their dried bay leaves have a scent. I get all my spices for European cooking from them...